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Consultation – Academy Status


The consultation period and now ended, and we are currently consolidating all the feedback for our Governors to consider.  We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the process and given us their opinions.


For a number of years, the Governing Body of Arboretum Primary School has been carefully monitoring the national and local position on academies. As you may be aware, many schools are being asked to consider whether academy status would be appropriate and we have been thinking about our options for some time.


At a recent meeting, the Diocese of Derby provided information to the Board of Governors on the Diocese’s Multi-Academy Trust (Derby Diocesan Academy Trust - DDAT), which is being offered to schools in our area who wish to pursue an Academy model.


A number of schools in our area are already academies or are in the process of converting to academy status, some of which are joining (or have joined) DDAT.


Following consideration, our Governors have decided that they would like to explore academy status further, and as such we wish to begin consultation with the entire school community to find out your views about us becoming an academy and joining DDAT.



As a consequence of the national picture and continued debate and growth of academies in England, the Board of Governors have decided to look closely into whether an academy model would be in the best interests of the children, teachers and staff at Arboretum Primary School. The Governors are keen that Arboretum Primary School has full control of when and how they go forward with academy status, without pressure from Government departments. Governors of Arboretum Primary School consider that joining DDAT now will be a positive step for our school.



Although DDAT is an organisation that has been established by the Church of England Diocese of Derby, joining this Trust will not mean that we become a ‘Church School’. The ethos and values that are central to DDAT match very closely to our own Arboretum values of respect and inclusion, with children at the heart of everything we do. Further information on our values and those of DDAT can be seen using the following web addresses:


This is an exciting time for Arboretum Primary School and we want our whole school community to be involved in planning our future.