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Newsletter Week Beginning 06.07.2020

                                                                                                                        Monday 6th July 2020

Hello KS1 parents, carers and children,

Newsletter number 14 - Mrs Ferguson is back to write the last newsletter for this current year group. During lockdown, we have written 14 newsletters, prepared 9 weekly work packs and made many phone calls to check that all our school families are well! It’s been worth it, as the children are returning, it genuinely feels like we’ve not been apart for as long as we really have!

Here's a few of my favourite photos from this week – some are from school, some are from home. All of them show our fantastic children getting busy and learning something new. Here’s this week’s gallery – there’s definitely a few that will make you smile.


Summer learning packs

Just to let you know there will be some summer challenges to do over the summer holidays. You will be able to pick up this pack before we close for the summer holidays. It’s so important to keep doing a little bit of learning over the holidays.
We’ve recommended so much to you over the last 14 weeks, so in this newsletter I’ve decided to do a round-up of our best bits – the things that I would be doing with my children in the summer holidays.


Our top 5 favourite websites to use in the summer holidays!


1.For everything! – KS1 Bitesize
Just type KS1 Bitesize into your internet browser and it will come up. You don’t need a password to use it. There are so many lessons on here, maths, literacy and science - I could go on.



2.Maths – Daily 10

Again, no password needed. Just type in Daily 10 into the internet browser. This one can even be played on a phone. Level 1 = Year 1. Level 2 = Year 2 then you can choose an activity. Great for keeping mental maths skills on track.


3.White Rose Maths
This is the maths scheme that we use at school. Again, just type white rose maths into your internet browser and you will find many maths lessons here. Teachers at school actually use this website to help us with our maths planning. No password needed.


4.Learn your Read Write Inc sounds on Youtube
A sound a day is good for your learning! On You tube you can type in a sound that you need to practise from the list on the sound card and do a 15 minute lesson a day. If you keep up with your sounds, you’ll be able to bounce back to learning in September!

5.Talk4 writing
We use this at school too, there are lots of stories on here to read. Remember if you find the year 1 booklets too easy, use the year 2 ones. If you find the year 2 books too easy, try the year 3 ones. You can go up and down and find something that is just right for you – like Goldilocks and her porridge!!



As we move towards the summer holidays, always remember to take photographs or keep what you make, so that we can see them when you return to school. There will also be a display area in your classroom for your home learning to be shared with pride!




Make sure this is you every day!

The KS1 team!