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Weekly Newsletter for Year 3 and 4 29.06.2020

YEAR 3 AND YEAR 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Monday 29th June 2020

Hello LKS2 parents and carers,

I was a bit stuck for inspiration for this week’s newsletter, the weather didn’t help as the grey clouds dampened my spirits. Mr Cross was looking for ideas for me when he came across this poem written by a 10 year old girl to earn a Blue Peter badge:

Stand Together

In light of the troubles we have today,

there’s just a few things I’d like to say.

Although the days of this feel long,

together as a country, we stand strong.


Share your kindness and your love.

 It’s no time to be mean, push and shove.

Hold on to your loved ones, hold them tight.

Listen to the rules and do what’s right.


Spend the precious times with your family.

Read, do puzzles, play games and be silly.

Watch Blue Peter, snuggle up on the sofa,

as mummy no longer needs to be chauffeur.


Take time to enjoy all the little things,

the small things and the pleasure it brings.


But most importantly of all,

Stay safe, be brave, we shall not fall!


If you would like to earn a Blue Peter badge, send your inspirational poems to BLUE PETER, MEDIACITYUK, SALFORD, M50 2BH. Or why not email them to your teacher and we can share them on our weekly newsletter.



Key stage 2 team update


All the staff continue to complete their online training and are busy making resources for the home learning packs. We are also beginning to plan and make resources for our return to school.


This week, I have completed lots of school work, I made a lemon drizzle cake, went to a social distancing barbeque, had friends round for an outside meal and met some friends for a social distancing picnic.


Mrs Baker has been completing online training, getting ready for September, ringing parents but the highlight of her week was celebrating her daughter, Grace’s birthday, with a family pizza lunch in the garden.


Mrs Bexon is very excited as she has an appointment to have her hair cut! She has been creating learning packs for year 3 and 4, ringing parents, completing online learning and enjoying the wonderful weather. She wanted you to know, her new fish are settling in well.


Miss Paget has been in school working with the amazing Mrs Credland in their ‘bubble,’ they have been creating some fantastic art work with the children. She also had a fabulous social distancing picnic with some super friends.


Miss Allen made an amazing cheesecake for her mum’s birthday and celebrated with her. She has also been working from home.


Miss Ford has been working from home, enjoying the beautiful weather, been to visit her mum, her daughter-in-law made a lemon drizzle cake so she had tea and cake in the garden and she spoke to her daughter Bethanie who is busy working for Oxford University. She is super excited too about having a hair appointment.


Mrs Credland has been in school with the fabulous Miss Paget in their ‘bubble’. She also created a ‘bubble’ with her sister and nephews and celebrated her nephew’s 5th birthday.


Mrs Dundon-Innis had her holiday week before coming back to work. She had a board game day, a picnic, went to the zoo, saw some friends who also have babies and had a video games day.


Mrs Iqbal has been doing lots of online learning and helping her daughter, Aila, to practise writing her name and helping her with lots of counting.


Miss Worrall completed online learning and school work, she and Lottie made a cake for Reina as it was her 2nd birthday, and she had lots of fun in the garden and had a social distancing barbeque with family, which she really enjoyed.


Mrs Ridgard has been completing lots of online learning and visited some family in the garden. She would also love to share with you all that she is expecting a baby! So she has been shopping for baby things! We are all so pleased for her.


Until next week, keep looking after yourselves and please contact us if you need anything. We do all miss seeing you and can’t wait until we can be back in school.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston S. Churchill


Mrs Cross and the KS2 team