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Access Plan

Access Planning


Name of School:  Arboretum Primary School                                                             

Date: September 2015                                             


Completed By:     A E Cruickshank                                                                               

Date of Review:      Sept 2018


Timescale:  Short


To identify in any materials and events where access to information may need to be altered in order to ensure that disabled pupils and/or parents have full access to information.


Identify at admissions interviews.


Support Services consulted for advice.


Timescale:  Medium


To audit new client groups of parents and pupils.


Create alternative means of communication as needs are identified such as: strategies for parents’ meetings.


All parents and children communicated with effectively.


Timescale:  Long


To maintain above practice and review regularly.


Regular review of need and delivery of alternative formats as needed,


Information available for parents and pupils in a variety of formats e.g. home language, large font, via an interpreter on the phone.

Curriculum Access

To continue to ensure all staff are mindful of the implications of the DDA and the range of identified disabilities.

Staff Meetings

Staff awareness

Audit of current interventions available within school

Provision mapping (See Appendix 1)

All staff are aware of range of interventions available in school to meet needs of all pupils.

To continue to ensure that all staff are aware of available specialist support.

Directory of support available

 Staff are aware of available support

Carry out school audit of the ‘wider curriculum’ such as: clubs, school visits to ensure that disabled pupils can participate

Audit of all activities by Extended Services co-ordinator Access to clubs/activities monitored to ensure all pupils able to participate in appropriate sessions



To look at potential intake for following term/year to identify and deliver training needs

To provide access training relevant to whole school and individual pupil needs

All Staff feel competent and supported in dealing with wide range of ability/disability.


To develop and maintain the above on an annual basis

To provide training with appropriate support services for relevant staff

All Staff feel competent and supported in dealing with wide range of ability/disability.

Physical Access


Target Strategy Who / When Outcome
To review regularly, to ensure that there are no physical barriers to access for pupils/parents with a range of disabilities. Site manager to ensure any issues relating to access are brought to the attention of the HT immediately. Site Manager

Full physical access to the curriculum.


Regular review of premises.

To set emergency & evacuation systems to inform all pupils.

Individual Evacuation Plans in place for children with SEN & disabilities.

Staff IE Plans in place


To ensure signage is clear.
Signs in school should be clear & well contrasted Site Manager Letters in contrast with sign background & the sign in contrast with wall


Curriculum Access:

  • Clear inclusion policy
  • Clear system of communication for SEN provision : HT, SENCo, Teachers, TAs
  • Strong links with outside agencies eg Ed. Psychology, Speech and language, School nurse, School Doctor, Occupational Health, Physically impaired, ASD
  • MEPs, IEPs, Individual Evacuation Plans
  • Staff meetings, inset, training


Physical Access:

  • Occupational Health, Physically impaired
  • Site manager
  • Health and Safety officers