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Class 17 have decided that they would like to write a weekly blog to encourage children to read more, so this page has been set up so that they can test it out.  We hope that lots of people will read it!

Class 17 Blog

Hello my name is Muhammad. On the 23rd March we raised money for Sports Relief, it was really good fun and everyone took part.

On Thursday and Friday lunch times we got to take penalties against either Mr Malooq or Mr Pemberton, we could choose. If you scored 3 goals you got a big prize, if you scores 2 goals you got 2 stickers and a sweet. If you scored 1 goal you got 1 sticker and a sweet.

On Friday afternoon me and a few children from my class and class 16 got to help the little children. We all ran a mile, and completed it. All the children that helped got 1 or 2 balloons and then we had a 2 week holiday and now we are back at school

This week’s blog is written by Sana.

This week all Year 6 were in different classes for Literacy and maths.

For Wow assembly, Mr. Daintith was not here because he’d had a knee operation. Class 16 and 17 gave money to buy him a present.

On Friday, it was non-uniform day. We all donated 50p towards getting school equipment.

Blog 2.2.18

Spelling Bee 2018

Hi my name is Hunain, I am writing this week’s blog. This week we had a Spelling Bee. Our class representative was Haris. He had tried extremely hard.

So at 2pm, we went to Hall 2. He was smiling, even though I knew he was a little anxious. Mrs Darling gave an introduction speech. Haris was sitting on the side next to his best friend and hardest competitor- Sabahat.

First it was Year 3, then Year 4. I hated the fact that Year 6 had to wait till the end. I was already feeling impatient waiting. Next Year 5 and the words just kept getting harder.

Finally, it was time for Year 6. I was so excited. Haris gracefully spelt the first 4 correctly. His fingers were moving quickly. Then it was the last spelling and Sabahat got it wrong, he was out! This meant the chances for Haris to win were high. The words from the teacher’s list were coming, they were both so nervous then Bisma was out. Haris had won! Class 17 were so proud of him.

Hello my name is Eessa and I am from Class 17. Today I am going to tell you about Class 17’s week.

On Monday, we had our Mock SATs, we had the reading paper and an arithmetic test. I found them quite easy and I tried not to rush.

On Tuesday, we had another reading paper, I found this quite hard but I had courage and perseverance. We also had a maths test, this time it was a reasoning paper 2. That was easy; I love maths.

On Wednesday, it was the last day of our Mock SATs and we had a SPAG test, it was very easy. For maths we had another reasoning paper which was a bit hard. I wanted the tests to carry on but sadly they were over.

On Friday we had a company come in to perform Aladdin; it was a pantomime. It was really, really funny. I enjoyed it.

This is the end of my blog. Hope to see you next week.

Hi, my name is Chloe.

Our school won the Best Breakfast Club awards for East Midlands. So we got £1,000 and a trip to London all paid for 4 children and 2 adults. Mr Malooq put all the names of the children who go to Breakfast Club into a hat and pulled out my name, Suffan, Zahid and Sabahat. Also Mr Malooq and Miss Paget came too.

We all had to wake up at 5.40am to get to school for 7am. As Miss Paget and I live on the same street, Mr Malooq picked us both up and took us to school. When everyone arrived we rang for a taxi and set off for the train station. Unfortunately, we had a 30 minute wait and then the train was delayed. When we eventually got on the train we had to stand up as someone was sitting in our seats. Mr Malooq went to speak to the manager and we were upgraded to First Class; it was Miss Paget’s friend who was the manager. When we arrived in London we got a black cab to The House of Parliament,

Our tour guide, Keith Cameron, showed us around and told us everything. After the tour, we went to a hall and had drinks and food. We were then presented with our trophy and Dame Margaret Beckett came over and had photographs taken with us.

Mr Malooq had a surprise for us but didn’t tell us what it was until we got there. The surprise was…9 ¾ wall that Harry Potter went through. It was so much fun.

We had a wonderful day, we all really enjoyed it.

This week’s blog is written by Haris

This week was a normal one at Arboretum. Everyone was learning and playing as usual. But on Friday, it was the finale of the Math Competition. Everyone was excited as they hoped their class representative would win.

As we all walked to our assembly hall, everyone was so excited that they couldn’t keep quiet. Our representative, Hunain, was nervous but stood out in his green jumper. He was looking ready, like he could face anything. He was patient and waiting for the competition to start. As the other Year 6 from Class 16, Sufyaan, walked to the stage, Hunain let all his feelings flow from his mind to his mouth. As our deputy head teacher, Mr. Dainith, announced the opening speech, the competition began.

His competitors were:

  • Ashton;

  • Bisma;

  • Sufyaan;

  • Halima.

Their questions were put up on the big screen. The people who marked their work were:

  • Miss Thornton;

  • Mrs Dundon-Innis;

  • Mrs Linnecor;

  • Miss Batool.

They did their mathematic rounds in this order:

  • Times table questions;

  • Speed round;

  • Find all possibilities.

The first round was exciting. Our announcer said they had until it was time for the next round to complete them all. When it was over, the sheets were handed in to the markers.

Then it was time for the next round. They did the exact same thing and round three was the same. Our competitor was nervous but coped with the tension. He soon solved as many questions as he could. He was looking at the second round’s questions, perplexed by some but he was working them out mentally like the speed of light. The other competitors were looking tough but Hunain kept going. Then the last round finished.

It was all so tense that no-one could bear it!

But soon, the winner was announced. It was, Hunain! We were all so proud of him. He actually did it! It was the happiest day of my life. All the teachers and students applauded him.

Hello my name is Lyba,

Yesterday we had an Afternoon Tea Party for our parents, it was so much fun.

Our class made biscuits, Class 14 made Rocky Road biscuits, Class 15 made cheese cakes, Class 16 made sandwiches and Class 18 made cupcakes. My aunt and mum came and they loved the Rocky Roads and biscuits.

We showed our Survival Stress bags and I showed mine. They were really impressed with the designs and the contents.

We took photographs and everyone loved it. I hope all the parents enjoyed it too.

We raised over £180 for the charity ‘Heads Together.

Hi my name is Biya. Last week on Tuesday Year 5 and 6 went to Magna. There were lots of activities to do and it was really fun.

The first activity we did was to go The Big Melt. There was a machine in front of us and a person telling us all about the parts of the machine and how it works. There was lots of smoke coming from the machine, suddenly sparks and fire shot out.

The next activity was Air. There were lots of things all associated with air. There was a massive fan and when we stood in front of it, it blew air on our faces. There was also a piano which you could play which worked with air.

After that, we went to Earth, there were tunnels you could go through and come out another way. Also there were builder’s things you could do and a shed where you could listen to stories and sing children’s songs.

After lunch, we went to the playground. There were so many slides, climbing frames, swings, a zip wire and even a train. It was so much fun.

Our last activity was Water. It had lots of things to do with water and some of us got soaked.

We had a brilliant day and I would definitely recommend it.

Hello my name is Aminah and I'm going to write this week's blog.


As you know all Year5/6 are learning about Monarchs. One of our homework tasks was to bake a cake;  not an ordinary cake, a Victoria Sandwich cake. I tried baking the cake but as I took it out of the cake cases it went all crumbly. Luckily you couldn't tell when we put the jam in the middle. It tasted delicious, I even brought some in for Miss Allen and she said it was so nice.


Also we had a cake sale in Class 17 to raise money for mountain gorillas. We all made posters to spread the news, Mrs Fryer wrote about it on the newsletter and we told our parents, brothers and sisters.


Miss Nora made all the cakes (they were delicious). When it came to the day half of the class were in a reading group so the rest of us started the sale. At first there weren't too many people but at 3.15pm there was a such rush that all the cakes sold out in 5 minutes.

In total we raised £68.27!


This is Priya; I am going to tell you about our morning and Arbo Activators.

In the morning we were all excited because Year 6 had finished our guided reading book, Hugo Cabret and guess what? We got to watch the film, it was 2 hours long. I would really recommend it as it was amazing.

The afternoon was really good fun; we made posters for our cake sale to raise money for gorillas. Then we got changed for Arbo Activators and rushed out because we were so happy.

The whole school participated; it is a carousel of sports, where we work together. Our first sport was going through a hoop and then working in groups of three to skip.

Then we went to hurdles and jumped over or under and we to count how many we did. (I did about 65!)

After that, the last two activities were my favourite, there was a relay race and we had to collect balls. The balls were in the middle of a circle and we had to work in groups to get the balls one at a time, until there were none left. Next we had to steal each other’s balls. That was the best.

Unfortunately, the time ran out and we couldn’t do the dribbling activity but we had a fun day.

I hope you are finding the blog interesting.

Hi. I am Aleesha and I'm going to tell you about this week.

This week has been Animal Week, each class has learnt about an endangered animal. Our class have been learning about gorillas.


On Monday we were finding out facts about gorillas; why they are endangered, their habitat and what we can do to help them. In maths we did gorilla fractions.


On Tuesday, we finished our facts and in maths we simplified fractions. In the afternoon we started to make mini gorilla faces out of cereal boxes.


On Wednesday, we started to write up fun facts and had a quiz about gorillas. In maths we completed fraction questions using a fraction wall. In the afternoon we finished our gorilla faces.


On Thursday, we decided we would arrange a cake sale to raise money for helping gorillas in the wild. So we wrote persuasive letters to ask Mr. Scott if we could do it and to Nora to see if she would bake us some cakes.


On Friday we dressed up as animals for charity and Margaret Beckett came to school to see what we have been doing.

Thank you and enjoy the half term holiday.

This week’s blog is written by Hunain.

The trip to Condover Hall

The morning was chaos for me as I arrived in school late and I hadn’t filled in the form for my medicine!

After lunch we finally set off; I was very happy with my group and who I would be sharing a room with. The bus journey wasn’t bad either as I didn’t feel sick.

We were so excited when we arrived; we had a tour of the place and its huge! After changing we went to our first activity, The Laser Maze and Grid of Stones. We had to go through lasers without touching them and then remember a path across the stones and then try to cross them.

After our first activity we had dinner, which were fish fingers, Yorkshire pudding and salad. Dessert was ice-cream topped with raspberry sauce and Smarties. It was delicious.

At night we had a Run around Quiz, which was so much fun, our team came 2nd. Unfortunately, one of our team mates was ill and Miss Allen had to stay with him.

In the middle of the night we had to go to see Miss Allen, as Rehan was snoring so loud we couldn’t sleep.

The following morning, we went for breakfast. It was scrambled egg, beans and toast.

After that we went to our group and began the day. We did archery first and then we had a go on the zip wire. Unfortunately, as I was running back up the hill with the rope I dropped it and had to go all the way back down to fetch it. Finally the one activity that Shujut and I weren’t looking forward to, The Sensory Trail. We were wrong; it was the best experience ever! We were blind-folded and had to go on an obstacle course using ropes to guide us. We got absolutely muddy but loved every minute of it.

We all came together for Conquest, which was a laser fight in a huge inflatable balloon thing. Finally, we played Cluedo, it was hilarious. The murderer was Kelly Ketchup (Mrs. Dundon-Innis.) Finally we went to bed, tired but happy and it was only 10.15pm!

The next morning, Miss Allen woke us up, shouting good morning at 6.30am, it was very confusing! I had cereal for breakfast and then we went to do our final activity which was I.E.s

Afterwards, we were awarded certificates and had our lunch before setting off for Derby.

This whole experience was amazing; I would really recommend the Year 5 booking their places now!

Hello from Class 17, this is Hania, I'll be telling you all about our trip to Waterstones. I hope you enjoy reading this week's blog.


Our journey was very quick as we walked really fast! When we arrived we were really excited to choose our books. Michelle, the lady in the book shop, was kind and helpful guiding us to books by certain authors or illustrators. When we had chosen our books we were desperate to read them, but we will have to wait until they arrive in school.


We arrived back in school and wait for it...wait for it...our Year 6 green jumpers had arrived. They were handed out by Mr Scott and we wore them with pride. Yes! Now we (and everyone else) can recognise us as Year 6 of Arboretum Primary School.


Thank you for reading Class 17's blog. We hope that you will be with us every step of the way.

Welcome to Class Sensational 17, we have decided to write a weekly blog to encourage people to read.


We will tell you what exciting things we have been doing in class; share our favourite moments and put appropriate photographs on our blog too.


Each week a different child from the class will have the opportunity to write the blog ( with support from their parents, if they would like to help.)


We hope you will enjoy our Year 6 journey.


Thank you for reading.


P.S. We will be able to monitor how popular the blog is by having a 'hits counter'.

Until next week.

Miss Allen and class 17