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1.  Introduction

  • Aim of policy
  • Context
  • Principles


2.  Safeguarding Roles and Responsibilities of School Staff

  • Roles and responsibilities of Governors
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Head Teacher
  • The Roles and responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  • Roles and responsibilities of other School Staff
  • Named Arboretum Primary School staff with specific safeguarding responsibilities
  • Other key safeguarding contacts


3.  Environment – children are safe and feel safe

  • Safeguarding as part of the curriculum
  • Vulnerable children
  • Working with parents and carers


4.  Taking Action on Concerns

  • Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding  Children procedures
  • If you suspect a child is has emerging needs, complex/serous needs or there are child protection concerns
  • If information is disclosed to you
  • Role of the Designated Senior Person following identification of needs or concerns
  • Notifying parents
  • Getting early help for the child
  • Referral to Children's Social Care
  • Action following referral
  • Confidentiality sharing information and record keeping
  • Support for those involved in a safeguarding/child protection issue


5. Peer on Peer Abuse/Allegations of abuse made against other children

  • What is peer on peer abuse?
  • Actions the school will take
  • Action on serious concerns


6.  Safer Recruitment and Selection of School Staff

  • 'Extended school' and off site arrangements
  • School visitors


7.  Allegations against teachers and other staff (including volunteers)

  • If you have concerns about a colleague
  • Initial actions following an allegation




1. Dates of staff training and details of course title/training provider

2. Types of  abuse and possible indicators

3. Seven Golden Rules for  Sharing Information

4. School concerns form

5. Role of Designated safeguarding Lead (DSL)

6. Guidance and further information