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EYFS Weekly Newsletter 01.05.2020

Please refer to the printable version for all the pictures and activities.


Thursday 30th April 2020


Another week, another newsletter. Let’s see what’s been going on this week shall we?

Mrs Malooq and Miss Jenny have been in school helping some of our children. They’ve been busy planting, sharing stories and enjoying Miss Susan’s yummy cooking.


There was a socially distanced dog show on Miss MacDonald’s street this week. We watched from our windows and texted our winner to Sandra the “Street entertainment officer”. It brought a big smile to us all. Here are some of the entrants…


Mrs Bullock is still waiting for Baby Bullock to make an appearance. We are all so excited to meet him. She has been busy finishing his nursery. It is looking lovely!

Miss MacDonald, Mrs Bullock, Miss Hardy, Mrs Woolnough and Miss Darling had a virtual coffee and cake catch up. We used Zoom to have a meeting. Baby Orla made an appearance to say hello. She’s very cute!

It’s not only the teachers that have been missing you all. Here are a few messages from some familiar faces….


A little message from Miss Lilley.”I hope that you are all having lots of fun at home. I’m missing your lovely smiles”

Rainbow has been staying safe at home. She has been doing lots of reading. Here she is enjoying a story in the sunshine. “I miss you Nursery. I have been doing lots of reading at home. I hope you have too. What books have you been reading?”


Custard Cream and Oreo have been on their holidays to Mrs Tivey’s house. “We really miss you children but we know we need to stay at home. Mrs Tivey has treated us to a new tunnel and house. I was a bit scared to go through at first but I was resilient and didn’t give up. My sister Oreo keeps stealing all the best vegetables!”


Gwyneth and Ernie the snails have been eating all of Miss Eleanor’s cucumber! “Hi children. We are staying fit and healthy at home eating lots of yummy scrummy vegetables. What is your favourite fruit or vegetable? We’ll see you soon”


Miss MacDonald and the Early Years Team

Look out for a text or email from school. We would like to know if you are well and what you are getting up to at home. Please remember to put your child’s full name and class when you are replying. Let us know if there is anything you need to help with your child’s learning at home.

We are preparing more home learning packs which you can collect next week. Look out for a text to let you know when they are ready.

This week lets take a look at what Maya Ashraf from Class 1 has been up to.


Here are some new activities to try at home. Why not have a go at one a day? Take some pictures of your learning and send them to your teacher.


Miss MacDonald recommends…

On Thursday evenings we clap for NHS staff and carers. This is a lovely way to show how grateful we are for all they are doing to keep us safe. Here is Miss MacDonald clapping away last week. Can you count how many people are clapping on your street next week?

We have lots of fantastic artists in our school. Miss MacDonald would love to see one of our children win the NHS design a mug competition with Royal Crown Derby. All profits made from selling the mugs will be donated to the NHS. Follow the link to find out how. Or look at the end of the newsletter for step by step instructions.


Miss Brown recommends…

This week Miss Brown and her girls have been doing some more baking. These cheese twists look very delicious! Thanks for the recipe Miss Brown – Look at the end of the newsletter for the recipe and …. Ready, Set, Bake!


Miss Greene recommends…

Miss Greene has spent lots of time in her garden this week and has noticed lots of insects and wildlife. Why not start a nature diary? Look out of the window every morning and draw a picture of what you see. Maybe you could make a fact file about the animals you draw, or you could write a story about them.


Mrs Humphrey recommends…

Mrs Humphrey and her children have had fun dressing up this week. Here are Thomas and Sophie pretending to be soldiers. They enjoyed making up a soldier role-play and turned the living room into a den. Maybe you could turn your kitchen into a pizza restaurant and pretend to be a chef or make your bathroom into a hair salon.

LOOK! This week’s animal visited Mrs Humphrey’s house. This penguin tried to help Sophie with her home learning. Can you guess whose house will be next week? Write down your family’s guesses and see if anyone guesses right next week.


Mrs Ahmed recommends…

It’s important that you keep working on your maths work at home. There are so many songs you can find on YouTube to help you with counting. Mrs Ahmed says don’t forget to practise numeral to quantity activities. She made this one at home using paper plates.

You could use pieces of paper or kitchen towel. Can you count the spots and then select the correct number?


You can also practise these skills on the Teddy Bear game on Topmarks.


Miss Brown’s Cheese Twist Recipe


Take care and look after each other. Remember to stay at home and we will see your smiling faces soon!

Miss MacDonald and The Early Years Team

NHS Design a mug competition

Please refer to the pdf for all the details and for all the activities.