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EYFS Weekly Newsletter 05.06.2020

Please refer to pdf or the slideshows for the pictures.

                                                                                                                                 Friday 5th June 2020

Dear Early Years families,

Have you missed hearing all about what your teachers have been getting up to? Well no need to worry! Newsletter 8 brings you all the news and gossip from your lovely teachers. Let’s find out what they have been busy doing during half term.

There were lots of birthday celebrations in our team last week. Look at Mrs Shaw’s yummy birthday cake that Erin decorated for her. Doesn’t it look delicious? Mrs Malooq received lots of exciting treats and enjoyed a sunny birthday walk with Mr Malooq.  Miss Jenny spent her birthday relaxing in the garden. Look at all her flowers and cards! We wish them all a very happy birthday and can’t wait until we can celebrate together!


We hope all those who celebrated Eid had a wonderful and special time with their families. Here is Mrs Ahmed trying to get Huzaifa to smile for an Eid photo. I don’t think he wanted to do you?


There are lots of animal updates this week. Miss Jenny found a hedgehog in her garden. She has made a shelter for it and left out some food. Have you ever seen a hedgehog?

Dolly wanted to help Miss Greene with her work. Here she is trying to send an email.


Miss Stanton has been visiting these beautiful horses on her daily walks. Look what landed in her garden! “We’ve had a visitor. It’s a racing pigeon and we’ve named him Percy. He landed in our garden exhausted from flying so far. We’ve given him some bird seed and water and he has now continued on his journey” Mrs Stanton told us.


Finally an update on Mrs Humphrey and her children’s caterpillars. Look! They have turned into butterflies now!

The Early Years Team

Fatima from Class 1 and her sister Hafsa from Nursery have been busy with their learning at home. Here they are practising their writing. Fatima has made a picture for her friend Habiba. What a lovely thing to do Fatima. I’m sure Habiba is missing you lots!



Why not try out some of these exciting activities your teachers have suggested?

Miss Brown recommends…

Miss Brown and Charley have been learning all about space. They watched the recent launch to the International Space Station. Have you watched it yet? If you missed it, follow the links below to see the astronauts launch into space. Here is Charley trying some space food. What do you think astronauts eat?  or                                                                                                                                                

Why not see what you can find out about space or try these space activities. You could pretend to make footprints on the moon by using flour. Don’t forget your space boots.

Or make a picture of some planets – how many planets can you name?


Mrs Ahmed recommends…

It’s really important to keep practising your writing at home. Mrs Ahmed and Huzaifa have been doing lots of mark making together. Here is Huzaifa practising writing his name. Can you write your name now? What words can you write? Maybe you could write a story and send it to Miss MacDonald. You don’t need to use pens to mark make. What else can you find around the house to use? Why not try out these mark making activities:

Stick and leaf paintbrushes          Flower pens         Paintbrush and water    Vegetable paintbrush


Miss Jenny recommends….

Miss Jenny has found lots of fun activities you could try at home. Which one are you going to try this week?

Make a dinosaur out of paper plates and toilet roll holders then decorate with pens or paint.


Can you make different shapes using             Use your fingers to paint and make

cereal or pasta?                                             pictures.                                                                                                                                                           

Mrs Shaw recommends…

Mrs Shaw and Erin turned old egg boxes into plant pots. They decorated the plant pots and then planted cress seeds. Why don’t you try planting some cress? You can buy the seeds at lots of supermarkets, garden centres or online. Here’s how to plant your own cress.


Miss MacDonald recommends…

Well it looks like we won’t be seeing the sun for a little while and instead there will be lots of rain. I love playing outside in the rain. There are lots of activities you can do in the rain. Here’s a great website with lots of ideas.

These are my favourite. Why don’t you try them out this week?

Put different containers, pots and pans outside. Guess which one will fill up first.

Make a mud painting. What can you find outside to use as a paintbrush?


Make a paper boat and see if you can make it float in a puddle. Why not have a boat race with your brother, sister or grown up?


Go on a walk in the rain. Count how many puddles you can find. Wear your wellies so you can jump in the muddy puddles. Maybe you could use stones or sticks to measure your muddy footprints.


We hope you have a wonderful week and remember, when life gives you rainy days, jump in the puddles!


Miss MacDonald and The Early Years Team