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EYFS Weekly Newsletter 07.05.2020

                                                                                                                                      Friday 8th May 2020

Dear Early Years families,

Would you like to know what your teachers have been up to? Well you are in luck as Newsletter 6 brings you all the gossip from the week.

Miss Noon and Miss Greene have been in school this week and have enjoyed helping some of your friends. Miss MacDonald popped in on Monday to get your new learning packs ready. It was lovely to see some of you with your parents!


                                  I                                       miss                                     you

Please refer to the pdf version for the pictures:


We are all using this time at home to teach ourselves new skills. Your teachers are doing lots of training courses to help them become even better teachers. Miss Brown has been learning sign language. Here she is with a message for you all. Well done Miss Brown!


Did you enjoy Pyjamarama day last week? We definitely didn’t need an excuse to stay in our pyjamas and read stories all day. What books did you share?  Mrs Pearson dressed up for the occasion. Have a look at the rest of our pictures. Don’t we all look cosy?


We are sending best wishes to all our families who are fasting and hope you are finding a way to enjoy this special time even though it may be a bit different this year. Mrs Malooq made some onion bhajis to open her fast with. Don’t they look delicious? What special treats have you been sharing with your family?


There have been lots of special celebrations this week. It was Mrs Ahmed’s birthday on Wednesday and she enjoyed spending time with her family. Happy birthday Mrs Ahmed!

The most wonderful news to share with you this week is that Mrs Bullock gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Here he is looking very cute! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Bullock and welcome to the world Stanley James Bullock. We can’t wait for cuddles!


Miss MacDonald and the Early Years Team

It was lovely to talk to lots of parents this week when they were picking up the learning packs and equipment. If you haven’t been yet, you can now collect learning packs from the reception area. There are packs for 2 year old and 3 year old nursery as well as Class 1, 2 and 3. You will be able to collect a new pack every Monday. Remember to take your time with the work. It is better to do a little bit every day to stay on top of your learning at home. Please let us know if there is anything else we can provide to help you.


This week our superstar is Yousuf Azam from Class 2. Let’s take a look at what learning he has been doing this week.


Here are a few activities to try out this week and another yummy recipe for you to make.

Miss Brown recommends…

Miss Brown and Charley have been scientists this week and completed different experiments. The Gummy Bear Experiment was their favourite.

You will need

  • Gummy bears
  • A cup or bowl of water
  • A ruler

What do you think will happen if you leave the gummy bear in water overnight? Can you write down your guess? The experiment instructions are at the end of the newsletter. Why not give it a go?


Mrs Humphrey recommends…

Mrs Humphrey and her children used their bodies to become human sun dials. Go outside and find a place to stand where the sun makes a shadow of your body. Get someone to use chalk or stones to trace your shadow. Come back out at different times of the day and trace your shadow again. What happens at different times of the day? Can you write about it?


Miss MacDonald recommends…

It is so important that we stay fit and healthy. Make sure you exercise every day. There are lots of videos on YouTube to keep you fit but Miss MacDonald likes this idea. Why not try it out this week?

Alphabet exercising – Tell your grown up a letter of the alphabet or point to the letter and say the name. Then your grown up will tell you what exercise you need to do. Or why not start with A and see if you can make it to Z.

Mrs Ahmed recommends…

Rainbows have become a lovely sign of hope during these times and I have enjoyed seeing all the different ways that children have created them. We know a song that helps us with the colours in a rainbow don’t we?  Do you know all of the colours?

Here’s Mr Tumble signing while he sings-

“Red and yellow and pink and green,

Purple and orange and blue.

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow,

sing a rainbow too”

Mrs Ahmed went on a colour hunt with Huzaifa. He found different coloured objects around the house and then sorted them. How many green things can you find in your house? What about blue? Can you find 10 red objects at home?


How many







Maybe you could make a tally chart like this one…




Mrs Shaw recommends…

Another week, another recipe to try. Look at Mrs Shaw’s yummy caramel chocolate shortbreads. I will definitely be trying these out this week! What about you?

You will need

  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Caster sugar
  • Golden syrup
  • Condensed milk
  • Chocolate

Have a lovely week everyone. Here is another Julia Donaldson creation to make you smile.




Miss MacDonald and The Early Years Team


Mrs Shaw’s Caramel Chocolate Shortbread Recipe


Miss Brown’s Gummy Bear Experiment