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EYFS Weekly Newsletter 10.04.2020

Please refer to the printable version for all the images.

                                                                                                                                 Thursday 9th April 2020


Hello Early Years Foundation Stage parents, carers and children.

Wow! What another busy week for the Arboretum Team. The Early Years teachers have set up a WhatsApp group to stay in touch with each other. Maybe you could do this with friends or family to keep in contact without leaving the house.

Miss Macdonald, Mr Malooq, Miss Greene, Miss Stokes and Miss Hardy have been in school this week looking after a small group of children. We have had lots of fun together baking, riding the bikes and making Easter crafts. We’ve also spent lots of time outside. What lovely weather it has been!

Miss Baker has been keeping active and walking her dog in the garden. Isn’t he cute! Mrs Bullock has used up her left over fruit by baking yummy cakes. Maybe you could try baking at home if you have spare fruit and veg that needs using up. Mrs Malooq has been enjoying being outside planting some new flowers in her garden. I bet it’s looking beautiful.


Lots of teachers are helping their children with learning at home. This week Miss Brown has been busy working with her daughters. They have been writing animal fact files, keping fit with Joe Wicks and making homemade burgers and lava lamps. I’ve added the recipe below if you want to have a go. Doesn’t that sound like a really fun week, I wish Miss Brown was my teacher! We all joined in with clapping for the NHS and carers on Thursday at 8 o’clock. They are all working really hard to keep us safe so remember to help them out by staying at home!

The most lovely news of all was that Mrs Woolnough gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Woolnough and welcome to the world Orla Patricia Woolnough!


Miss MacDonald and the Early Years Team

Your teachers have come up with more ideas you can try at home. Remember you don’t need to do all of these activities. You can choose which ones you like the most. The weekly newsletter will give you a selection of different things to try at home but you can also try out your own ideas. Take the time to read together and talk to each other, spend time being creative and making things. Enjoy singing and playing games. I have been doing lots of family quizzes which has been lots of fun.


Miss MacDonald recommends…

We have lots of super mathematicians in our early years. The children love using online games to practise things like counting, recognising and ordering numbers and identifying the correct shapes. Topmarks is a fantastic website which we use in school and the children really enjoy it. Click on Early Years subject and age group for the relevant games


Remember you can use objects around the house to help too. Why not ask your children to set the table for dinner. Can they put 4 plates on the table? What about 1 less than 5 cups? Can they point to something that is the shape of a circle?


Miss Noon recommends…

After being at home for a few weeks, it can be hard to think of new ideas to do with your children. Miss Noon has found some fantastic nature activities that you can try out. Although it is important to stay home, there are lots of nature things you can do while in self-isolation. The Woodland Trust have got some fabulous ideas like going on a mini beast hunt or making a toilet paper bird feeder – use the link below to find the website.


Mrs Humphrey recommends…

Mrs Humphrey has been enjoying spending time with her family. It is good to think of the positive things during this time. Mrs Humphrey has loved all the quality time she has been spending with her son and daughter and they have been finding lots of ways to think positively. Why not create a family hand print which you can frame and hang on the wall. Mrs Humphrey and her children will be making theirs next week.


Mrs Shaw recommends…

Mrs Shaw knows how much you all love Tom Fletcher’s books. What is your favourite? There’s a Dragon in Your Book, There’s an Alien in Your Book or The Dinosaur That Pooped in The Bed? Well, Tom will be reading his books live at 6.30pm every Monday night in April. Just go to Tom Fletcher on YouTube or Instagram at 6.30 and click on the link. Why not sit down as a family and enjoy a bedtime story read by Tom. I’ll be tuning in on Monday!


Miss Stanton recommends…

Miss Stanton found out that Edinburgh Zoo have set up live webcams in some of the animal enclosures. You can log in to Panda, Penguin or Tiger cam and see what the animals are up to. The penguins were having their tea when I had a look and the Tiger was having a nap. Why don’t you have a look at what the different animals are doing? Maybe you could write about what you see and create an animal fact file.


Miss Brown’s Lava Lamp Recipe


Why not take some pictures of the things you have been doing. The teachers would love to see and hear all about what you got up to when we are all back together again. We can’t wait to see you all again.

Mr Daintith, Miss Hardy and all the teachers miss seeing you every day.


Stay safe and stay at home.