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EYFS Weekly Newsletter 24.04.2020

Please refer to the pdf version for all the images and the colouring activities:

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Hello Early Years Foundation Stage parents, carers and children.


Another week has passed and newsletter 4 is here.

Hooray, whoohoo, yipee! I hear a distant cheer!

The weather has been lovely, another week of sun!

Your teachers have been busy having lots of fun.

We miss you all lots and lots and hope to see you soon.

And so you don’t forgot us here’s an Arbo tune…


Reach for The Stars – see the end of the newsletter for lyrics


Mrs Malooq and Miss Barbara have been in school this week helping a small group of children. They have been making stick rainbows and star mobiles. Maybe you could try this at home.


Miss Jenny has been trying to get back into exercising this week. She wants to work off all the Easter chocolate she has been eating. Miss Eleanor suggested she tried Joe Wicks P.E work out and promised to have a go too. Miss MacDonald wished them good luck, she couldn’t get out of bed after attempting those work outs! I think they will start by going on a daily walk. What have you been doing to stay fit and healthy?

Miss Jenny, Miss Olivia and Miss Brown have been planting vegetables in their gardens. How long do you think they will take to grow?

Miss Greene had a face time with the newest member of her family this week. Dolly will be joining her soon. Isn’t she cute!


Your teachers have been writing your reports this week. It has been lovely thinking back to all the amazing learning we have done together! What has been your favourite thing in school this year?


Ramadan Kareem to all our families who have started fasting this week. We wish you all a safe and happy Ramadan!


Miss MacDonald and the Early Years Team

We know that your children will be using technology a lot more during these times. It is extremely important that you teach them about the importance of online safety. Have you set up parental controls on all their devices? This website has lots of information and advice on how to ensure your children are being safe online


Here are some more fabulous activities that your teachers like the look of. Which ones will you try out this week?


Miss MacDonald recommends…

Miss MacDonald is missing sharing stories with you all. She has been using this time at home to enjoy some bedtime reading. What is your favourite bedtime story? We like watching bedtime stories together in school. Cbeebies bedtime stories have got lots to choose from. Miss MacDonald likes listening to Tom Hardy. Follow the links below to access lots of stories read by celebrities and familiar faces.                            


YouTube -

Miss Noon recommends…

Miss Noon has found a really exciting website. Once upon a picture has lots of pictures for you to look at and talk about. There are questions attached to each picture which you can use to discuss with your child. Ask them to try drawing the picture or they could write about it. Can they use their Fred fingers to help them write words or sentences? Maybe they could write a story about what they think is happening –

This is how Miss Noon would start her story about this picture….Once upon a time there was a big bad wolf.

Miss Brown recommends…

This week Miss Brown and Charley got a surprise when they came down for breakfast. A panda was in their living room! I hope it didn’t eat all their cereal. Do pandas eat cereal? Maybe you can find out. You could watch them live at Edinburgh Zoo – see newsletter 2 for instructions on how to access the live animal cameras.   I wonder what animals will be visiting us next week. Whose house will they be sneaking into?

Miss Greene recommends…

Miss Greene has found lots of ways to stay healthy and fit at home. She recommends making an obstacle course at home or in your garden. Who will be the fastest? Can you beat the grownups? You could use chairs as cones to run in and out. How far can you throw a pillow? Maybe try juggling with things you have at home – I recommend using oranges instead of eggs he he!


Mrs Shaw recommends…

Rainbows have become the sign of hope. They are beautiful aren’t they? Have you made a rainbow and put it in your window? This week Mrs Shaw and Erin have been using science in their rainbow creations. Why don’t you try this exciting experiment out! Here’s how – take a piece of kitchen towel. Colour both ends of the kitchen towel with felt tip pens like Erin is doing here. Then fill a cup or bowl with a little water. Dip the kitchen towel in and see a rainbow appear. Wow!


It’s Pyjamarama day on Friday 1st May. I’m sure you don’t need an excuse to stay in your pyjamas all day. I know I certainly don’t. Your teachers will be taking part too. We would love to see your pictures when we see each other again so make sure you take plenty!


The school website or The Book Trust website has lots of ideas on what you can do on the day in your pj’s. Let the fun begin!

Reach For the Stars – S Club 7


Have fun with your family, enjoy the sunshine and remember to stay safe at home.

Missing you all lots and lots,

The Early Years Team x

If you have a printer you could print these out and colour them in. Maybe you could put them up on your window.Please refer to the attachment below: