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June 2016 Newsletter

9th June 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our last non uniform day on May 20th raised £188.46; this helps to fund extra resources for your child.

Please make sure that if your child has a packed lunch, the container is taken home and cleaned every night.  Packed lunch containers that have food in over long periods of time can attract ants.

We are now teaching children maths in a slightly different way based on Singapore maths, which has been shown to support learning and raise standards.  As part of this we will be moving our assemblies to part way through maths lessons each morning in order that individual support can be given to any child struggling to understand that lesson.  This means that from September, lunchtime for FS2, KS1 and KS2 will start at 12.10 pm and end at 1.10 pm.

Please continue to support your child through Ramadan by encouraging them to fast at weekends, but not on school days.  They need their energy to be able to learn across the curriculum, including sports and swimming. Any children who are fasting must go home at lunchtime.

Please make sure your children have named water bottles in school for the rest of the summer term.

Please send your children to school already wearing sun cream on hot days and not wearing too many layers of clothing.

We are currently working towards the Leading Parent Partnership Award.  Thank you to a group of parents who came to share their thoughts about school before half term - they were very positive!  One area that parents wanted to improve was to have more text messages sent home about upcoming events and their child's progress.  There will be some staff training on this soon, so please make sure your details are updated at the office if you have changed your mobile number.  If you think there is an area of our school that can be improved, which would help to engage parents further, please come and speak to Mrs Bethell or Miss Wright.

Our Enterprise Fair is taking place on Friday 10th June from 1.15pm until 3.00pm. The children will be running lots of different stalls selling a range of different items. Parents are welcome to come at any time between 1:15 - 3:00pm, BUT if you would like to accompany your child you must come during your child’s time slot ONLY! It will be a fantastic afternoon; we look forward to seeing you there.

1:15 – 1:40pm


1:40- 2:05pm

Year 1 and 2

2:05 – 2:30pm

Year 3 and 4

2:30 – 2:55pm

Year 5 and 6


We have a large amount of lost property in the Year 3/4 glass corridor.  Please have a look if your child has lost anything.   Please label your children's clothes so that we can return them to you.

A reminder that children should not bring toys from home into school.


Our assertive mentoring parents’ meetings are taking place in the week commencing 28th June (apart from class 1 which are taking place earlier.)  Please complete and return the form below.

We break up for the summer on Tuesday 26th July.  Children return to school on Thursday September 8th after the summer holidays.

Yours sincerely,



A. Cruickshank

Head Teacher


Please see below for the forms to book your assertive mentoring appointment with your child's teacher.  Please note that the dates for Class 1 are different from the other classes.