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March 2016 Newsletter

16th March 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,


Research has found that the combined effect of reading books often, going to the library regularly and reading newspapers is 4 times greater by age 16 than the advantage children gain from having a parent with a degree.  Please encourage your child to read.  Peartree library is very close to school so why not nip there after school once a fortnight and let your child borrow some books to read.  Encouraging your child to read every day will have  a huge effect on improving their academic attainment.

The non-uniform day before half term raised £215.63, which is once again a fantastic amount – thank you for supporting Arboretum once again.


We have had several worrying instances after school where a child has been handed over to their parent who has then lost them in the playground. Please keep hold of your child on school premises.  These children have crossed busy roads to find their way home; the next child might not be so lucky in reaching home safely.  If you notice a very young child on their own, please bring them into school for us to protect.

Please also consider the safety of our children when you are dropping off and collecting children.  It is always safest to park some distance away and walk a small distance.  It is particularly dangerous to turn around in the school entrance; please consider everyone’s safety and find an alternative.

Sure Start are going to run drop-in sessions at 8.45 – 9.00 am on March 7th and 9th in hall 1 to let you know about the groups and services you can register for.


E-safety week will be taking place from Monday 7th March - Friday 11th March. Children from year 1 - year 6 will be taking part in theatre workshops to help them learn how to stay safe online. Parent e-safety workshops will take place in the hall at 9am on the following dates:

Monday 7th March: Nursery and Reception parents

Tuesday 8th March: Year 1 and Year 2 parents

Wednesday 9th March: Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 parents.

Class photographs take place on Friday 11th March.


If you are considering making an application for leave of absence, please complete the form and hand it in at the school office at least 2 weeks prior to any proposed departure date.  The current law states that absences should not be authorised by the school, however timely applications need to be made.  This is because we need to talk it through with you as there is a massive long term impact when taking children away from their learning both academically and socially.  Many children take months to feel confident again within school and to return their learning to the national standard for their age.


Yours sincerely,



A. Cruickshank

Head Teacher

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