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Welcome back to the start of a new year at Arboretum - I hope you all had an enjoyable Summer. Some of you are new to the school, so let me introduce myself; I am Paul Scott. I am the Head Teacher of Arboretum. Can you believe I have been here for a whole year now? I have enjoyed everyday so far!

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you part of my vision for the school, share my main priority and ask for your help in trying to achieve this. In order to move the school forward and achieve an even better all-round experience for the children , I would like to work more closely with parents and the wider community.

The main priority that I have is to improve our children’s reading. I want them to develop a love of reading and books; it should be fun. It is vital at this age to lay the foundations in place, to give them the best start before they go to Secondary school. Learning to read is a journey that will begin when your child enters nursery. We start with speed sounds linked to our phonic programme and begin to introduce children to the love of books. If children are confident readers, it has a huge impact on their understanding of all that we teach them and their ability to write.

To help develop this love of reading, I would like to ask for your help. I am a parent, leading a busy life, and I understand the pressures we all face, so I am not asking for a huge amount of time. What would make a massive difference is a little and often approach. To read for 5 minutes, on a regular basis and then ask a few simple questions about what you have just read either in English or in your own language. Things like “What was your favourite part of the book/story?”

We will hold reading workshops to explain the Read Write Inc phonic programme and how you can help your child learn to read at home. I cannot stress how important this is to help your child to read.

  1. have already encouraged you to come in to school for the first part of the morning from 8.45am to 9.00am sit and read with your child. There are a number of other ideas that you could try, to help support and develop the love of reading:

* You could spend some quality time with your child visiting the local library.

* You could visit our school library to choose a book to take home with your child.

* You could try reading a range of different types of books: story books (fiction), information books (non-fiction), comics, magazines (football or pop music), it really doesn’t matter as long as it is reading.

* You yourself could be a good role model, finding time to read a newspaper or novel.

* You could go to the cinema to see a film which was previously a book.

As part of encouraging the links with you and school I want to set up a Parent forum. This will be a chance to meet with either myself or a senior leader of school to talk about, as a group, any issues you may have with school. We can use this opportunity to work together to share ideas and identify possible changes to make the school better. If you are interested in joining this, please speak to your child’s teacher.

To help shape the future direction of the school, I also need to know what you think of the school currently; it is really important to get your views. I will shortly be sending out a parent questionnaire for you to complete and return to the school. I am unable to improve or change things if you do not complete the questionnaire. There will be a prize draw for all those parents who complete and return the questionnaires.

I hope that you will try and help me make this a successful year at Arboretum – your support is so important to us.

Many thanks

Paul Scott