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Around the World

This week, all our children spent 2 days going “Around the World”. Each classroom was a different country, and the children visited them in turn to find out more about that country and the people who live there. At lunch time they tried foods from different countries. During the week, the children have been encouraged to think about 2 BIG QUESTIONS:

Why is it important to learn about people who live in different places?
What’s great about being different?

Here are some of their thoughts:

It has been fantastic because we learned about lots of different people and countries. It has helped me to look at the world differently.” Eisha


You should respect everyone no matter if they are black or white. There is no better you than the you that you are” Usmaan


Difference doesn’t matter. We all have the same feelings. We can be happy or sad” Laura


"My favourite country is Spain because I can speak Spanish. Hola!" Elyes


“I value other countries and people. You should do that too.” Ansh