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This week, I received a letter from Class 12, expressing their concerns at the amount of paper that is used in sending out a newsletter every week, and the impact that this has on the environment.  We discussed this, and decided that although the newsletter is a great way of communicating with parents, it does waste a lot of paper.  Therefore, we have decided that going forward, we will send out one newsletter each half term.  Instead, we will use our website as a paper-free way to communicate. 

Please visit our website at

On the Home page we have a Calendar section which will show you all the important dates coming up, and Latest News, which will keep you up to date with all the exciting things that the children have been doing - with photographs!

If you click on the Parents button, you will find lots of useful information, including Letters to Parents, Term Dates, Lunch Menus and much more.

You can also click on the “Select Language” button, and Google will translate the page into your chosen language

I would like to say “Thank you” to Class 12 for considering our impact on the environment, and encouraging us to think differently about how we can communicate.