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Newsletter 8 2016-17

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Nursery Children are budding artists!

The topic for this half term in nursery is 'Famous Artists.' This week the children have created their own Andy Warhol inspired pop art. Raees made his own version of the famous Coca Cola cans painting and Qudsia was inspired by his use of bright colours!   What great work!


Lucky Envelopes

Our next fundraising event is 'Lucky Envelopes'. They will cost 50p each and can win prizes up to the value of £20. They will be on sale at every break time from 7th November until they are sold out, in the year 3/4 glazed corridor.


Fundraising - Armistice Day

Friday 11th November 2016

Non-uniform day

wear red, white and blue.


All money goes to the Poppy Appeal


Don’t forget to wear your poppy



Remember that we are a nut free school.  Children’s packed lunches must NOT contain anything that contains nuts.  Please check the packaging of any food you send into school.  If it contains nuts, or says “May contain nuts” then it must not be brought into school. Thank you



Top attendance figures last week were:


              1st – Class 7 – 98.7%

              2nd – Class 1 – 97.9%

              3rd – Class 5 – 93.5%


              1st – Class 13 – 99%

              2nd – Class 16 – 98.3%

              3rd – Class 17 – 98%


And well done to classes 2, 6, 8 and 17 who had no late children all week.



To give our children the opportunity to broaden their experience  and learn about different communities, all our  classes in KS1 and KS2 have a partner class in another school.  They write letters to their partner class, and take it in turns to visit each other’s schools, where they have lots of fun making new friends.  This term Year 5/6 will be visited by:

·Brackensdale School to visit Class 17

·St Thomas School to visit 14 and 16

·Redhill School to visit class 15



If your child would like to join one of the clubs collect a form from outside the office or from Mr Malooq. 

Please note there will be no clubs on Monday this term, as this time is being used for school sports fixtures.

Day                          Club                                     Time                         Age                          Cost               Contact

Monday                  NO CLUBS

Tuesday                  Football Club                      Lunchtime              Ages 7+                   Free       Mr Malooq

                                 Circuit Training                  3.15—4.25pm        Ages 8+                    £1         Mr Malooq

                                 Dodgeball Club                  3.15—4.25pm        Ages 5+                    £1         Mr Malooq

Wednesday            Film Club                            3.15—5.00pm        Ages 4+                    50p       Mr Malooq

                                 Goal Keeping Club            3.15—4.25pm        Ages 8+                    £1         Mr Malooq

Thursday                 Multi Games Club            3.15—4.25pm        Ages 4-7                   £1         Mr Malooq

                                 Indoor Cricket                   3.15—4.25pm        Ages 8+                    £1         Mr Malooq

Friday                      Football Club                     3.15—4.25pm        Ages 8+                    £1         Mr Malooq

                                 GIRLS Football Club          3.15—4.25pm        Ages 8+                    £1         Mr Malooq


Remember, all clubs are FREE if your child is eligible for Pupil Premium - to find out if your child qualifies, please fill in an application form available from the Office.



Friday 11th November                         St Thomas School visit to Year 5/6

Tuesday 15th November                      FS2 visit to the cinema

Friday 18th November                         Children in Need Day - Arbo Activators

Wednesday 23rd November               Tea & Toast

Friday 2nd December                           KS1 Winter Performance

6th, 7th & 8th December                    Assertive mentoring meetings

Friday 9th December                           Years 1, 2 & 3 Flu vaccinations

Wednesday 14th December               Children’s Christmas lunch

Friday 16th December                         Foundation Stage Nativity Show

Tuesday 20th December                     Break up for Christmas Holidays

Wednesday 4th January                      Back to school