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Newsletter week beginning 14.04.2020

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                                                                                                                Monday 13th April 2020

Hello KS1 parents and carers,

Here is newsletter 3.  I must admit I lost track of the days and realised it was Monday and time to write the  next update. In fact, I also forgot, that if times had been normal, this would have been the second week of the Easter holiday, so I thought this newsletter should be full of fun, crafts and hopefully things that make you smile.


Key stage 1 team update

Today is Miss Dube’s birthday. She’s another one of the team having a lockdown birthday! She told me she made some brownies but they weren’t very tasty! We’ve all wished her a happy birthday ‘virtually’.

Miss Neal has been painting some garden furniture, which looks lovely. Many key stage 1 staff have also been celebrating Easter over the last few days. I thought my daughters were too old for an Easter egg hunt but they insisted we still did one. Lauren got 15 and Aimee got 11 eggs. They decided to share them so they had an equal amount though. Can you work out how many they had each?


Try one of these a day…

Tuesday 14th April
Family games
These are games we have played in the past and don’t need lots of different equipment.
Spot the stamp
Hide a stamp in your front room and see who the first is to spot it. First person to spot it gets a point. Actually more fun than it sounds!
Cereal box challenge
Teachers at school have played this before and loved it. You need an empty cereal box. Each person playing has to pick up the box using only his or her mouth. After each round, you rip about 2cm off the box and try again. Repeat until everyone is out because they can’t pick the box up anymore.
The winner is the person who can pick the box up at the very end. You need to be flexible for this one!


Wednesday 15th April - Drawing
When you have more time, sometimes it’s nice to look back on memories. One of my favourite memories is the winter musical. Today, your challenge is to draw your favourite memory. Mrs Gill sent me a lovely list of drawing challenges and I’ll include some more next week.


Thursday 16th April
Tidy your room! Now I know you might not like this one but having more time does mean you can getthose jobs done that we put off! Lauren and Aimeetidied their rooms last week. Yes, it did take a fewdays but it does feel good when it’s done!


Friday 17th April
When I go for a walk I see lots of fantastic hopscotch challenges created by children. If you have chalk at home maybe, you could create your own.
My favourite one I have seen has challenges if you jump on a number:
* Jump 5 times.
* 2 star jumps
* 3 twists

Be as creative as you like! Can you create one as amazing as the picture?

Remember to take a photo too!


Saturday 18th April

If you haven’t already, try some baking. This is our favourite recipe and it’s healthy too!

Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate and Banana Muffins

These pictures really make me smile. Julia Donaldson who wrote ‘The Gruffalo’
and the man who drew the pictures, Axel Scheffler have made up these from
their books to help children understand our changing world. They do make
me smile! See below.

Until next week, stay safe, stay at home and make memories!

Mrs Ferguson and the KS1 team