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Newsletter Week beginning 15.06.2020

Monday 15th June 2020


Hello KS1 parents, carers and children,

Newsletter number 11!  This week many of the teachers have been preparing exciting lessons to welcome some year 1 children back to school next week. We’ve also been working hard on lessons for September for any more children that we can have back at school.

This week also saw our first key stage 1 quiz. Our quizmaster was Mrs Tivey and we had 4 rounds – Science and Nature/Disney/Animals and Food. Mrs Allsopp and baby Freya joined us too. Freya seemed to love her first quiz and was very calm and quiet! Many of your teachers and their children joined too. I think it was all too much for Mrs Parveen’s son, who fell asleep! And I can announce the winner was…… Drum roll please… Mrs Ashford!. She is now going to write our next quiz. We can’t wait!  I’ve also had some lovely photos sent to me from our wonderful children. Callum’s animal balloons made me smile and Mohammed Aahil has been using time in lockdown to learn his prayers and pray 5 times a day. How grown up!


This week, I’ve decided to look at holidays. I know we won’t be going on any this year so I thought it might be nice to have a look at where in the world your teachers have visited. Have a look at the photo album to see your teachers all over the world. It’s so important to learn about the world around us, it’s called CULTURAL CAPITAL. This week we’ve decided to ‘Take One City’. I’ve chosen New York, this is where Mrs Ferguson went on holiday last year. I’ll be honest I also love being nosey and having a look at the team’s holiday photos!

Have a go at the activities and remember to take photographs or keep what you make so we can see when you are back at school.


Take One City

Look at this picture. I love a ‘busy’ picture and talking about what we can see!


Have a go at the activities in the grid below that link to this city picture.

Design and technology
Could you…make a skyscraper?
Can you use old boxes or Lego to make a skyscraper?
A skyscraper is a tall building that has many different storeys. There were lots in New York.
Where have you seen a skyscraper?
What is the tallest structure you can make?
Measure it and take a photo.

Could you…find where New York is?
Where in the world is New York?
What country will you find it in?
What continent is the country in?

Aim higher: If you can use the internet, go onto Google Earth and explore New York. Use the street view and see what you can find.

We know that talking with your child is so important. Why not have a look at the picture together and ask your child the following questions:
1) Would you like to visit New York? Why? Or Why not?
2) Talk to your child about the ‘Statue of Liberty’ – a very famous statue in New York City.

  • It was a gift from France and the French people to America
  • The statue was brought to the US from France in 350 parts
  • The only way to get to Liberty Island is via the ferry.

3) What’s the weather like? How do you know?

4) What season do you think it might be? How do you know?

5) What does the word ‘tourist’ mean? Have a look at the bus with the open top. What do you think those tourists are doing?


Could you…draw the New York sky line?
The skyline of New York is very famous. Can you draw it? You can choose what colour paper to use and you can use paint, chalk, pencil or whatever you choose! Remember to take a photo!




Take One City

New York City
Have a look at the picture above!


Could you…tell me a story about your favourite holiday or day out?
Here’s the beginning of my story:

The alarm clock rang out so loudly that I jumped!! It was so early in the morning but today was different!. I leapt out of bed, bursting with excitement. Finally, the day had arrived when we were going on holiday! All our suitcases were packed. Unfortunately, I think I had over packed because I could hardly lift mine. We got dressed, brushed our teeth and got into the car. Wait a minute…… Have we all got our passports?  Check! It was a long drive to the airport so I had a nap, but at last we have arrived. The airport was bustling with people everywhere. At last, it was time to board the plane and find our seats.
Add conjunctions to make your sentences longer!

Could you…make a fact file about New York?
I love finding out new information especially things I didn’t know. It’s really good to know facts about the world around you. If you prefer you can make a fact file about a place you’ve visited.
Did you know….. about 20 million people live in New York? It’s really very busy and crowded.

Did you know….. The first pizza restaurant in the US was opened in New York City in 1895?
Pizza, burgers and fries are really popular foods in America!



General Knowledge
Could you…remember some American words?
In America they speak English, but with an American accent. They also have different words to us. Maybe you’ve heard these in a film before.

In England we say pavement, in America they say sidewalk.
In England, we say rubbish, in America they say trash or garbage. They call a dustbin a garbage can.
We talk about mobile phones, they say cell phones.
Babies wear nappies n England but in America they wear diapers.
A biscuit is a cookie.
A skipping rope is a jump rope.
Have a look on the internet to see if you can find anymore.



Share this story…
Look at the above video on YouTube. It’s a short story to share with children about how we can still enjoy spending time with our friends but just a little bit further away!


Take care, stay safe and well and enjoy spending time together!


The KS1 team!