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Newsletter week beginning 20.04.2020

Please refer to the pdf version for all the images and guess who we live with Activity. Enjoy!!

Monday 20th April 2020

Hello KS1 parents and carers,

Here is newsletter 4.  I love writing the weekly newsletter. I love receiving news updates from the team and sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy receiving the newsletter as much as we enjoy putting it together! We also received some lovely photos this week from a parent who was doing some wonderful work at home with their child. Thank you so much and keep up the good work everyone!


Key stage 1 team update
Here’s a few photos that have been sent to me this week: Mrs Robert’s daughter completing her journal, her son Jack doing the ‘toilet roll keepie uppie challenge!’ Maybe one to try at home! Mrs Ablewhite’s children making rainbow paths, Miss Neal going on a woodland walk with her children and Mrs Tivey’s children baking dinosaur bones. What a fantastic week in lockdown!

Here’s your diary for this week…




Friday 24th April
We talked last week about
creating a memory box
to share when you
come back to school.
Here is a lovely idea from
Mrs Allsopp to add into
your box.


SATURDAY 25th April:

Mrs Roberts recommended this. This section has maths puzzles that you can do at home without a teacher. It’s tricky to know sometimes how to teach your children.  Have a look at your child’s homework book as we try to show you some examples there. It’s always good to draw maths e.g.: circles for adding and taking away or tens and ones for bigger numbers – see above.


For grown-ups, there is an excellent website that I looked at the other day it’s full of advice.
Until next week, stay safe, stay at home and make memories!
Mrs Ferguson and the KS1 team


Who do I live with?

Please refer to the pdf version abovefor all the pictures and clues.

Looking forward to seeing how many you can get correct!