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Newsletter Week beginning 22.06.2020

                                                                                                Monday 22th June 2020


Hello KS1 parents, carers and children,

Newsletter number 12 Mrs Roberts and I have returned to write the newsletter once more! We have continued planning and preparing fabulous lessons ready to welcome some children back to school.

We have some super pictures to show you this week from Spectacular Six! These children have been so proud to share some of their amazing work and activities that they have done during lockdown.

Please refer to the pdf above for the pictures of the Children.


Kaleem had great fun on his super bike and he was ready to blow some bubbles! Moheed created this fantastic message. Haaris was doing some super home learning! Anabia was reading her favourite fairy tale whilst looking like a princess! Thanks to the parents who have emailed these fantastic pictures in and allowed us to share them with you all! We would love to see more of your work and pictures so please email them to the school office the address is Please make sure to give us permission to share these and also state your child’s class.

This week, Mrs Ashford and I have decided to try some new things! Even though we are in lockdown, the KS1 team have loved using the time to have a go at new things and to try and earn our own resilient star badge!  Trying new things is so important because we can find out what we like and what we dislike and we can also discover new talents that we never knew we had! In our busy picture this week, the children are trying lots of new things at school!

Have a go at the activities and remember to take photographs or keep what you make, then we can see them when you return to school.

Take One Picture – Time for school!

Look at this picture.  We love a ‘busy’ picture and talking about what we can see!





Have a go at the activities in the grid below that link to this picture.

Design and technology and art
Could you…design a classroom?
Can you use old cereal boxes to make a classroom?
Draw out your design first and then carefully make your classroom!

What does a classroom need?

What other things would your dream classroom have?

What shape would your classroom be?



Aim higher: Draw you and your friend in the playground and in the classroom! Don’t forget to add lots of detail and colour.


Could you tell me

What can you see in the four cardinal directions; North, East, South and West when looking at the school picture?
Which country would you build your classroom in?

Would you build it in a hot climate or a cold climate and why?


Aim higher: Can you create a map of the classroom?

We know that talking with your child is so important. Why not have a look at the picture together and ask your child the following questions:

1) What do you like about your classroom at school?

2) What do you like about the classroom you have designed?

3) Ask a grown up in your house what their classroom was like when they were at school.


Aim higher: What is the difference between the classrooms of the past and classrooms now?

Could you…choose materials for your classroom?
What materials would you use to make your classroom?

Would you have brick walls, glass walls or no walls and why?

What would your chairs and tables be made out of?

Aim higher: Which material would you not use to make a pencil?




Take One Picture

Time for school!
Have a look at the picture above!


Could you…tell me a story about your favourite day at school?
Here’s the beginning of our story. Can you guess what day it was?

I awoke with glee and joy because today was our day to shine! I could feel the excitement building in my tummy like butterflies! In the morning, all of the children rushed into the classroom with big, beaming smiles holding their bag containing their best, sparkly clothes. We had to get changed quickly so we weren’t late for our big moment. Then we walked with wonderment and trepidation in to the hall where we saw lots of lights, cameras and heard the word action!





Aim higher: Add expanded noun phrases to make your sentences more interesting.

Could you…make a fact file about school in the 1900s?
I love finding out new information especially things I didn’t know. It’s really good to know facts about the world around you.








What time did school start and finish?

Did you have to go to school?

What did children learn?

Did classrooms have a whiteboard?

Did children sit around tables?

What did the children wear to school?

What did teachers write on?

What did children write on?



General Knowledge
Could you…complete a quiz with your family?
We had a general knowledge quiz in our KS1 team last week. Mrs Ashford was the winner! Have a go at this quiz with your family and see if you can do as well as Mrs Ashford did!

  1. What is the orange part called in the middle of an egg?
  2. What football team is currently at the top of the premier league?
  3. What is the 10th letter of the alphabet?
  4. Who is the nation’s favourite PE teacher?
  5. How many zeroes are there in one thousand?
  6. Who is the Prime Minister?
  7. What is closer to Earth, the Moon or the Sun?
  8. What is the name of the cowboy in Toy Story?
  9. Which travels faster, light or sound?
  10. Who was behind the Gunpowder Plot on the Houses of Parliament and is remembered every year on Bonfire Night?



Have a go at these Thrive activities!





Check out these brilliant literacy resources!

These Talk for Writing booklets will be available in the packs.  Available at:




The KS1 team!