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Newsletter Week beginning 29.06.2020

Monday 29th June 2020

Hello KS1 parents, carers and children,

Newsletter number 13 Mrs Parveen and I have returned to write the newsletter!

We have some super pictures to show you this week from Year 1 and 2 children who have returned to school this week. They have had a great time back at school, where they have been able to see their friends within their class bubble as well as enjoying fabulous lessons and playing games on the playground. We have some to show you below, with more available on the slide show on our website.

Zeenat Hussain from class 7 has emailed in her super writing! I think you would agree with us that she is a super star writer!

 Have a go at the activities and remember to take photographs or keep what you make, then we can see them when you return to school. Or why not email them to us and you could have your picture on the next newsletter!


Take One Picture – ‘Surprised’ by Henri Rousseau

Look at this picture.  We love talking about what we can see!



Have a go at the activities in the grid below that link to this picture.

Design and technology and art
Could you…design a jungle?
Can you use old cereal boxes to make a jungle?
Draw out your design first and then carefully make your jungle!

What does a jungle need?


Go to the park and collect leaves and twigs to add to your jungle!



Aim higher: Draw your own jungle animals! Don’t forget to add lots of detail and colour.

Could you tell me

What are the seven continents of the world?
Which continent do you think this picture is set in?

Is this in a hot climate or a cold climate? How do you know?


Aim higher: Would this tiger like to live in Antarctica? Why/ why not?  

We know that talking with your child is so important. Why not have a look at the picture together and ask your child the following questions:
1) What can you see in the picture?

2) What do you like about the picture

3) Prediction: What do you think the tiger will do next?




Take One Picture


Could you…write a story about the tiger?
Here’s the beginning of our story. Can you write the ending using your prediction?

One hot summer’s day, a tiger crept through the wild jungle in the scorching hot sun.  Hidden in the green long grass was the hungry predator with sharp white teeth.  This beast had black and vibrant orange stripes which camouflaged him in the jungle grounds.  Patiently, he sat and waited for his next meal to arrive.  The tiger’s bright yellow eyes grew larger and larger as he focused on something in the distance.

Suddenly …
Aim higher:

Up level your writing using the vocabulary below.


Save our Zoos and protect the animals!

Did you know our zoos across the UK are battling to stay afloat following forced closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic?

Zoos have recently announced that, as a result of a government order for them to remain closed, they are headed for financial ruin. If one of the biggest zoos (Chester Zoo) in the country is feeling the strain, you can imagine the implications for smaller facilities. 




Have a look at Chester zoos website!

Twycross zoo is one of my favourite places to go as a family. I’m going to book tickets very soon!

General Knowledge
Could you…complete a quiz with your family?

  1. Name a fruit which has its seeds on the outside?
  2. Name a football team with black and white kit?
  3. Name an animal beginning with the letter Y?
  4. How many sides does a hexagon have?
  5. What is the name of the princess in Shrek?
  6. What is the Olympic Games?
  7. What is the continent below North America?
  8. What is the name of the monkey in Aladdin?
  9. How many wheels does a tricycle have?
  10. What was the name of the man who helped us understand the history of the Great Fire of London through his diary?




Have a go at these Thrive activities!



Check out these brilliant maths activities you may want to have a go at!




The KS1 team!