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Newsletter week beginning 30.03.2020

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                                                                                                                             Monday 30th March 2020

Hello KS1 parents and carers,

I’m going to do an update to share with you on the school website every week. It will let you know what all your teachers are doing while we are at home and will also give you some ideas that your teachers would like you to do at home. It’s great for us to keep in touch!

Key stage 1 team update

Mrs Ferguson and Miss Carter were at school all last week looking after a small group of children. We were very lucky that the weather was so good so we spent lots of time outside. Last week, many teachers had their birthdays, Mrs Allsopp, Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Roberts – of course we were all 21 again!
Teachers are busy home schooling their children. I am lucky that as Lauren isn’t revising for her ‘A’ levels any more so she’s teaching Aimee for her GCSE’s next year. I’ve heard that Mrs Roberts is getting to grips with GCSE Maths again though! Teachers are also busy writing your reports so keep working hard at home!

Have a look below at some more ideas to help you with your learning at home as recommended by your teachers.


Mrs Ashford recommends…
Vocabulary ninja word of the day


Mrs Ashford says try and use the word in a sentence. Remember to add a conjunction such as ‘because, that, when, or, if’ to explain your sentence. This website has lots of other word challenges too.

Mrs Roberts recommends…
BBC Bitesize

Mrs Roberts has had a look at the website below and says she thinks it’s really useful.
She’s right there’s so much great stuff on here to keep you busy.

Mrs Ferguson recommends…
The Maths Factor

You normally have to pay for this website but because of the current situation, it’s
free. Well worth a look.



Mrs Allsopp recommends…
Joe Wicks PE lessons for home.


He’s becoming the nation’s PE teacher so join in with some of his lessons!


Mrs Parveen and Mrs Ablewhite recommend…
Mrs Ablewhite says her two children have really enjoyed doing these dance activities each day. Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing does these daily on Facebook Live at 11.30am but uploads them onto Youtube – see the links below. - Mary Poppins – Aladdin - Jungle book - Shrek – Trolls


Mrs Tivey recommends…
Some lovely creative activities – try one per day!

Have a great week and I’ll update you with what the team have been getting up to and some new ideas for learning at home next week.

Take care, stay safe and stay at home.smiley