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November 2015 Newsletter


I hope you enjoyed half term with your children.


A member of our school community is having severe anaphylactic shock, possibly as a reaction to nuts and products that may contain nuts.  In order to protect this individual from the life threatening reactions that are occurring, no nuts or products that may contain nuts are to come onto school premises.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

The following products are believed to be nut free, although the recipe can change at any time.  These products may be brought into school for celebrating birthdays etc.:

  • Cadburys - twirl, crunchie, flake and buttons
  • All Kinnerton brand chocolate ( found at most B&M/ Home Bargain stores)
  • All Nestle brand chocolate (for example maltesers)
  • Haribos  (which have gelatine free options too)
  • Smarties
  • Starbursts (also gelatine free)
  • Aldi's own brand of plain chocolate
  • Milkybar Galaxy


Congratulations to the family of Fezan Khan Y3 who won the tub of chocolates for returning the parent questionnaire.  Many thanks to all of you who returned the questionnaire. 

Poppies are on sale in school this week in aid of the Royal British Legion.

Thank you for supporting our non-uniform day in aid of Syrian refugees.  We raised an amazing £532.70.  Special thanks to the family who donated the sweets for the staff to buy.  Also a very special thank you must go to the child who with his mum's permission donated all of his Eid money to the fund raising.


All children need to be in school and learning every day. Congratulations to the 230 who have not missed a day so far this year. If children have a cough or cold, this is a normal part of life so please send them into school as usual.  We will notify parents if your children become too ill to be at school.


Please arrange all non-urgent appointments with a doctor or dentist to take place after school or in the holidays.  This will give your child every opportunity to succeed.