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Parents in School

We welcome parents and carers to visit our school.  It is good for the children to know that we are working together and that you are interested in the school.


There will be opportunities during the school year to join us for special events, assemblies, productions, sporting events, open evenings, and fund raising events.  We also offer opportunities for parents to join in social events and information sessions.


Parents are welcome to work in school in the classrooms or on trips or projects which will help the school and the children.  (Please note that all adults need to have a ‘list 99’ check to work in school.)


We will always contact parents and carers immediately if we are concerned about any aspect of their child’s welfare, progress or behaviour and we hope that parents will let us know of any problems or worries their child has which might affect them in school.


Staff will always try to be available to see parents immediately, but it may be necessary to arrange an appointment on some occasions. A member of senior staff is available to see parents on most days.


A Home School Agreement will be shared with all parents and children upon entry to the school.  Parents are asked to sign the agreement.