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RHE Consultation Letters

Friday 25th September

Dear Parent and Carers,

Planned Consultation of Relationships and Health Education Curriculum

An important part of developing materials and resources for the new Relationships and Health Education Curriculum, is to provide an opportunity for parents to comment upon the scheme and resources we will use.

As previously mentioned, we had hoped to complete this by July 2020 (before starting the curriculum in September 2020). Unfortunately, due the school partial closure and the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to carry out this consultation. As this consultation did not take place we took the decision to postpone the teaching of the new curriculum until Summer 2021.

The proposed materials and scheme of work will be completed by the end of the Autumn term. These materials will be shared with the community and religious groups, who were involved in the creation of the policy. We will use any comments and suggestions generated by these groups to finalise our proposed scheme.

Consultation with parents will take place during the first half of the Spring term and be completed by February 2021. This will ensure that the scheme of work and resources have been seen by parents before they are used to teach the curriculum in school.

Current social distancing measures and restrictions on public gatherings more than 6 mean that we cannot hold parent meetings until further notice. Therefore, information regarding how and when the consultation will take place will be sent out at the start of the Spring term 2021.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding.