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School Clothing

Our dress code has been introduced to encourage children’s pride in their appearance and to increase their feeling of belonging to a caring school. Please note that we expect all our children to have natural coloured hair, without any shaved patterns. All children, including nursery, should come to school dressed in accordance with the code below:



  • Black Trousers
  • White Shirt (£5.50 available from the school office)
  • Black sweatshirt (£6.95 available from the school office)
  • Black shoes


  • White blouse/polo shirt (£5.50 available from the school office)
  • Black cardigan or sweatshirt (£7.95 available from the school office)
  • Black skirt or trousers or shalwar kameez
  • Green/white checked dress
  • Black Shoes
  • If scarves are worn, then we would like them to be black or white. (The niqab is not part of Arboretum’s dress code.)


Shoes - these should be of a traditional nature with heels no greater than 2cm. For health and safety reasons flip flops, sandals, backless shoes and heels higher than 2cm are not allowed. 


We may telephone parents of children wearing unsuitable clothing to ask for appropriate clothes to be brought to school for children to wear.


Please note: jewellery (unless of special religious significance), denim and trainers are not to be worn.


All children need to bring a coat to school when the weather is cold for playtimes.


Please make sure that all clothes are labelled.


Book bags are available at £4.40.