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September 2015 Newsletter


Welcome back to the start of our new school year.  I hope your children have settled well in their new classes and are all set to make good progress in their learning this year.  Thank you for working with us so that we can achieve the very best for your child.

Your children look very smart in their new uniform.  Is it named so that they don’t lose it?
We welcome Miss Beecham, Miss Booth,  Miss Foxon, Mrs Grey, Miss Jones, Miss MacDonald and Mrs Roberts to our school
Please pay dinner money weekly at the start of the week.
In order to keep children safe, please leave the playground with all of your children at the same time.
From September 28th we will issue a ticket to any parent who attends a meeting to help support their child’s learning.  These tickets will be collected in a container in the office and drawn each term for wonderful prizes such as book tokens, or in the summer term, a  tablet.
If you would like to learn English or anything else which would help you to help your children learn.  Please contact  Mrs Burdis or Mrs Nisha.
Please make sure that if your child needs an inhaler or epi-pen, we have an up to date one at school.

Reach for the Stars

     S- Supportive

     T- Team Player

     A -Aspirational

     R- Resilience

     S -Successful


We are starting a system called Assertive Mentoring which will help us to accurately assess your child in all areas of school life so that both they and you know what they need to do next in order to learn even better.


We will have a short parents’ evening soon to let you know how your child is settling into their new class, but there will then be a longer parents’ meeting towards the end of every term to discuss with you in more depth how your child can improve.

Dates For Your Diary

September 18: Harvest– please send tins, packets, jars of food

September 24, 25 school closed for Inset

September 29 Eid parties

September 30, October 1 Parents’ evenings

October 2 Arbo Activators

October 5  Book Week

October 21, 23 School photos

School breaks up on October 23rd., December 18th.

Return to school on November 2, January 4