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The Curriculum

All children in the school have access to a broad and balanced, differentiated and relevant curriculum.  We aim to observe the National Curriculum guidelines, including the use of daily Literacy and Mathematics.  Alongside Literacy and Mathematics, we teach Science, Religious Education, History, Geography, Music, Art, Physical Education., Design and Technology, Personal, Social and Health Education and Computing. Our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children are also learning French.  We believe in preparing our children for lifelong learning and ‘Learning to Learn’ skills pervade all areas of the curriculum.  Personal skills as well as academic skills are nurtured to encourage the development of confident children.


We aim to promote each child’s self-esteem and self-expression through a curriculum, which is active, productive and values the individual.


Our curriculum is carefully planned by the teaching staff and taught through topics which link the subjects together in an interesting and focused way.  All our children in Year 5 and 6 learn how to play the trumpet.


Children are assessed informally by their teachers using Assessment for Learning in each lesson and by observing children, listening to them and marking books; we use some standardised tests to help inform teacher assessment.  We also assess pupils’ progress using the national guidelines.


If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints about our curriculum please speak to the Headteacher.

  Learning to Learn Attributes  
  Thinking for myself  
  I can do it  
  More than just me  
  How well did I do?  
  Aiming high  
  Dare to be different