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UKS2 Weekly Newsletter 01.06.2020

Monday 1st June 2020

Hello UKS2 children and carers,

Another week and another newsletter – time really is flying by. We, as always, hope that you are all safe and well and were able to enjoy your time at home during half term. If you celebrated Eid then we hope that you managed to do so in the best and safest way possible with your families.

Your teachers have had a very busy half term too. Mrs Naylor has been busy trying to organise all of the children’s toys she has at home, Mrs Wright has been spring-cleaning and Miss Thornton has been altering clothes, which she hasn’t worn for years, rather than buying new ones!


Take One Picture Activities Week

Look at this painting. It is called The Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello.



Each year, we try to study a painting for The National Gallery’s ‘Take One Picture’, where we base all of our work on one piece of art. Have a go at the activities in the grid below that link to this fantastic painting.

Could you…draw a horse?
Look at the bands on the horses – what do you think that they are for? Why are they different? Could you design on using 2 or 3 colours? Try to draw a horse to showcase your work on!

Could you…find Italian cities?
This picture shows an old Italian battle between Florence and Siena. Can you find these cities in an atlas or using Google Maps? Can you find out any facts about these cities? What is Florence famous for?

Could you…draw 3D shapes?
The broken lances in this picture are very carefully arranges to look 3D. Have a go at making a 2D shape look 3D. Use shading to create depth and effect.

Could you…design a hat?
Instead of a helmet, the man on the white horse wear an elaborate hat made from red and gold fabric. Could you design (or even make!) a hat for this man? Label your design with colours and materials.

The Battle of San Romano,
Paolo Uccello

Could you…create a picture that tells a story?
Look carefully at the picture and think about the story that it is telling. Think of a story that you know, or can invent, and draw a picture that tells the story. Share your work with someone and see if they know what the story is!

Could you…research armour?
Medieval knights wore armour to protect themselves in battle. Can you find out what the different parts of a suit of armour are called? Can you challenge yourself to design and make some armour from recyclable materials?

You can look at some collections of medieval armour online here:

Could you…create an observational drawing?
When painting the armour, Uccello had a real suit of armour with him in his art studio, so that he could examine the details carefully. Pick something in your own house that you would like to draw – try and include as many details and shading as possible.


The Ickabog

J.K Rowling, author of the fantastic Harry Potter stories, is releasing a new story called The Ickabog. She wrote this story several years ago, just for her own children, but has now decided to publish it for us all to enjoy. She will be releasing a little bit for you to read every week, for the next seven weeks. There are also some illustration competitions too. She has said that the book is very different to Harry Potter, I can’t wait to read what it is about! You can find it here:


Competition Time!
Create a National Book Token design and you could win National Book Tokens for all! If it’s your design that is picked it will go on National Book Tokens gift cards every week for seven weeks.

When schools open up again, the winning designer and their class will each receive a £10 National Book Token with the winning artwork on. The competition closes on Sunday 28th June 2020 – so get designing!



Class 17 look here!

Our author penpal, Katya Balen, has sent a reply to our last lot of postcards. Even during lockdown, we are able to stay in touch – how amazing! Here are a couple of photos of her postcard – why don’t you write her a reply? Keep it safe until you can bring it to school and then Mrs Naylor will post them all together.



As always, stay home and stay safe and let us know if you need help or support with anything during this time.

The Year 5/6 Team J