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UKS2 Weekly Newsletter 06.04.2020

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                                                                                                                        Monday 6th April 2020

Hello UKS2 parents and carers,

We hope that this letter finds you and your family safe and well in these challenging times. We are going to post a letter every week on the school website to keep in touch and let you all know that we are thinking of you  and looking forward to when we can all be together again. We will also be giving you some tasks to do to keep your skills and knowledge going, ready for when we return to school.

We can’t believe that it is only 2 weeks since school closed to most of you but the teachers have been busy at home writing your reports: yes, you’ll still be receiving your end of year report so keep working hard. Mr Davies has been in school last week enjoying some lovely activities in the Forest School Area and inside too. Miss Thornton has been looking after her family, who have had to self- isolate and as always enjoyed spending extra snuggles with her dog Louie. Rumour has it that Miss Jones is bored: she’s missing you all that much. Mrs Wright was really busy but then her back went into spasm and she is having to be waited on, hand and foot by Abby and Anna. They are not too impressed. Poor Mrs Naylor has had to be nurse to her husband Adam and to little Finley, who have both been poorly and then she has been ill too. Thankfully, they are all on the mend.

One thing is for sure: we’re all staying at home and only going out for essentials, like food and medicine.

If we all do that, then we’ll all be back at school and back to normal much sooner.


Jobs for this week



Imagine that there is a small round hole in your garden fence. When you look through the hole, you see a whole different world. It could be another universe, a fairground, Antarctica, anywhere that your imagination takes you. Write a story that happens in that new world. Think about your opening and what each paragraph will contain. Don’t forget: different sentence openers, relative clauses, powerful adjectives, semi colons and colons, use of conjunctions and even the subjunctive clause.


Mrs Wright recommends…
Joe Wicks PE lessons for home.



Let’s keep fit and healthy during our time at home. Exercise boosts your

immune system, makes you feel better and you can do this class every

morning with your family. Let’s do this. J



Mrs Naylor recommends 

There are lots of activities and tasks that will really help you have fun with Literacy.



We have put 2 arithmetic tests on the website for both years 5 and 6 and 2 Grammar Hammer tests for 5 and 6. We have included the answers but please don’t look at them until you’re finished. Challenge yourself to beat your scores with the second tests.

Good luck and try to remember all that you have learned in school.



We are so proud of all of you and know that you will be helping your family and helping your community by staying indoors and keeping busy. Take care, work hard, play hard and be kind. We miss you all but will be back together when all this is over.


Lots of love


The Year 5/6 team.