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UKS2 Weekly Newsletter 11.05.2020

Monday 11th May 2020

Hello UKS2 children and carers,

Lots of you have now spoken to class teachers via text or phone call. We really enjoyed talking to you all and hearing about all of the fantastic things you are doing at home. If we didn’t manage to speak to you, don’t worry – we will be calling you all again very soon to see how you all are. We are missing you all lots and really enjoyed speaking to everyone. We know that lots of you have been into school to collect a home learning pack – thank you! We are all really pleased that everyone is keeping up with their learning at home. Remember to keep anything that you are proud of and bring it to show us when it is safe for school to re-open. If you are finding teaching at Maths at home a challenge, there is some useful advice at the end of this letter.

Activities that you could try this week:


Let’s start the week off with some reading!

Read this fact file and then click to play the game and answer some questions about it. Remember to look back in the text for the answers!


Hit the Button

This is a firm favourite with all children at Arboretum.

Don’t let those times-table skills waste away! Challenge yourself to beat your best score. Can you compete against someone else at home?


Midweek Grammar!

This website has lots of fantastic SPaG games.
Choose your own level of learning – find an objective that you know you need to work on!



Sir Link A lot Spellings

This website has a fantastic 12 – week programme that will help you with spellings.

Get yourself started on your spelling journey today.

Instructions are at the end of the newsletter.



Shall we end the week with some mindfulness, ready for the weekend?

Have a go at reflecting on your time at home so far by playing “Roll Two Dice” (you can find it at the end of the newsletter.) If you don’t have any dice, don’t worry, you can just answer the questions in order!

Just for fun!

Can you match the Year 5/6 staff to their favourite chocolate bar? Answers will be in next week’s newsletter! J

Miss Jones


Kinder Bueno

Mr Davies



Miss Thornton


(Yes, there are 2 Crunchie lovers in our team!)

Miss Dolbinska


Double Decker

Mrs Emerson


Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky

Mrs Aziz



Mrs Wright


Fruit and Nut

Mrs Naylor



Mrs Darling




Take care and enjoy your week!

The Year 5/6 Team J

Try this website for a 12 week course on spellings.


It is really easy to use. To access it, type '' in to the browser itself (not a search engine)

  • Username is: “FREE”
  • Enter the code: FREE
  • Tap on level one, there is a list of spellings to learn. If you click on each spelling it gives you lots of tips on how to remember it.
  • When you have learnt all the spellings in the list scroll to the bottom of the page. Click test. You now have to choose the correct spelling from the list you have been learning. At the end it gives you your score.
  • To get back to the bundles of spellings, click on the picture of the house.
  • As you go through the levels the spellings get harder.