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UKS2 Weekly Newsletter 13.04.2020

Please refer to the printable version below for all the images.


                                                                                                                                                    Monday 13th April 2020

Hello UKS2 children and carers,

Hello again. We all hope that you had a lovely bank holiday and those that celebrated Easter, managed to mark the occasion even without the traditional family get together. It is very strange being unable to visit aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents at any time but especially during a special time such as religious festivals, birthdays etc.

However, knowing that we are doing the right thing will help us through this so we can all be back together soon.

Your teachers continue to miss you a lot and we all hope that you are using the websites that are on our website and having a try at the activities that we put on our update. We are still working from home but it is not the same without you. Mrs Wright saw Miss Jones while doing the weekly shop and that was lovely even though we were definitely more than 2 metres apart. Poor Miss Jones is still very bored. Mrs Wright has been busy in the garden and thinks she is now an expert gardener!!!!!!!!!. Poor Mrs Aziz has been quite unwell but is finally on the road to recovery and we wish her well. Miss Thornton has also not been well but is being looked after well by Louie and Matt. Mrs Naylor has been spending lots of time in the garden, enjoying the sunshine but is finding it harder and harder to finds things for Finley and Freddie to do: her photos look like there is a lot of fun to be had. Mr Davies is recovering from a week in school last week: he had a great time.

If you are bored, have a try at the activities below. Remember, if you keep your skills going, you’ll be ahead of the game when we return to school.

Jobs for this week


We know that you learned about the fire of London in KS1 and a man called Samuel Pepys wrote a diary all about it as it happened. He buried his diary and it was found many years later. It is a very famous book and taught the world a lot about what happened during the fire. Many of you will have heard of a girl called Anne Frank, who wrote her diary at the time of WW2 when Jews were being persecuted by Hitler. We use this now to learn a lot about the life of children during the war. What we are experiencing now may be learned about in school in 100 years time. Wouldn’t it be great if your diary could be used to help others know what it was like to be in lockdown during the Corona Virus outbreak?

Write a diary explaining what has happened each day in England and in other countries. Write how you feel and what you miss the most and why. Write about the good things that people are doing to help each other and what you will do when this is all over because it will be over soon. Can’t wait to read them.


Look at these amazing games that you and the whole family can play together. They don’t need any equipment and are a lot of fun. We will definitely be playing these to fend off the boredom.


Here are a lot of drawing challenges. Keep them and bring them into school when we return.

We’re sorry that it is very small print but you are young and I’m sure you will be able to read it.

Mrs Wright loves adventures and she recommends looking at these virtual tours of some of the most amazing places in the world. Maybe you can plan to go to some of these places when you are older. It’s great to have BIG dreams.

 Remember Oxford Owl as it has lots of online books to read and also look for the links to Davis Walliams on our website.

We really do miss you all and can’t wait to be back together. Please use some of our ideas for learning because it’s good to be busy and it will really help when we return to school. Look after your families, be kind to each other and remember to stay at home. Try not to spend too much time on social media and always let your parents know which sites you are using. Take care and lots of love from all of the 5/6 team.

The Year 5/6 team.

PS:Please let school know if you or your family are struggling with anything and we will do all that we can to help.J