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UKS2 Weekly Newsletter 29.06.2020

                                                                                                                        Monday 29th June 2020

Hello Year 5/6 parents, carers and children,

Unlucky for some, it’s newsletter 13! Can you believe that July begins this week and soon it will be the summer holidays? This week sees the return of some of our Y5 and 6 children into school. Arboretum is slowly filling up with children and teachers and it’s lovely to be able to see some of you again. Don’t worry though, if you are still working at home then your teachers are all working very hard to keep providing home learning packs for you to collect and complete.

As the summer and then September quickly approaches, lots of you will be thinking about your new teachers that you will meet in September. This week’s newsletter has some activities attached that you can do at home to share with your new teacher when you go back to school, after the summer. You can use them for ideas or make up your own way to introduce yourself! Make sure you tell them how fantastic you are because they are so excited to meet you!


Mrs Naylor loves history and learning about the past; she finds it fascinating to think about how the world hasn’t always looked this way and likes to discover what different places looked like hundreds or even thousands of years ago. The Natural History Museum in London is awesome and, when everything fully reopens and it is safe, if you are ever able to visit then it is highly recommended. However, while we wait to visit in person, you can have a virtual tour of the museum here: - there is so much to see!



Big Summer Garden Party

In light of the incredible community spirit Derby has shown over the past few months, Community Action, BBC Radio Derby and Derby City Council are working together to encourage people to join us in holding their own socially distanced garden/street parties to celebrate friends, family and neighbours. There will be free downloadable bunting packages available for those who’d like to take part.


Just for Fun

Lots of our staff with children have been doing scavenger hunts to keep busy at home so here is one for you to try.
Challenge yourself
- What is the quickest time you can do?
- Can anyone else at home beat your time?
- Can you find multiple items for each one?
- Can you make up your own scavenger hunt for someone else to try?


I know lots of you are missing your friends in this difficult time and all of your teachers miss their friends too. This quote is useful to remember whenever it makes you feel sad.


Best wishes and keep staying safe,

The Year 5/6 Team