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Weekly Newsletter for Year 3 and 4 04.05.2020

                                                                                                                                         Monday 4th May 2020

Hello LKS2 parents and carers,

I hope you are well and coping okay. All the teachers have loved speaking to you and receiving your messages, it has been so good to be in contact with you. We will continue to send regular text messages and ring you so we can support you and offer any advice.

I hope you have all received the text about:

  1. BBC bitesize materials on website and TV
  2. Packs of work prepared by DDAT that can be picked up from Tesco stores
  3. Packs of equipment that can be collected from school to help with learning eg pencils paper sharpeners  etc.
  4. Pack of printed work 


When we were at school, you were given a leaflet about School Toolkit. School Toolkit is a website and app which helps to build a partnership between home and school life.  Parenting can be hard and especially at the moment, we all need an extra bit of advice, information or sign posting.  This website and app gives you the support you may need, when you require it. 

The app and website is available in five languages: Slovak, Polish, Kurdish, Urdu and Latvian.

You can find lots of home learning resources on there for all primary aged children. Some of which do not require technology.  The app can be downloaded off the App Store or Google Play Store.


Try this website for a 12 week course on spellings.

It is really easy to use. To access it, type '' in to the browser itself (not a search engine)

  • Username is: “FREE”
  • Enter the code: FREE
  • Tap on level one, there is a list of spellings to learn. If you click on each spelling it gives you lots of tips on how to remember it.
  • When you have learnt all the spellings in the list scroll to the bottom of the page. Click test. You now have to choose the correct spelling from the list you have been learning. At the end it gives you your score.
  • To get back to the bundles of spellings, click on the picture of the house.
  • As you go through the levels the spellings get harder.




On Friday 8th May 2020 it is 75 years since victory in Europe. To celebrate visit 

The National Museum of the Royal Navythe National Army Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum are joining forces to host a free online festival from 7 - 9 May bringing to life the stories of those who helped deliver Victory in Europe. 

Key stage 2 team update

Did you do lots of reading wearing your pyjamas on Friday? We did! Look at the slide show of us in our pyjamas reading in lots of unusual places!


All the staff have been doing lots of on-line learning, it is good to keep studying, it keeps your brain active and you learn new skills.


Here’s what else we have been up to:


Mrs Iqbal has been doing number work with her daughter and teaching her to write her name, it has been quite challenging.


Miss Worrall has had a quieter week. Her daughter Lottie has been researching artists and painting canvases in the style of them for her home learning.


Mrs Baker has also had a quieter week but continues to go on her walks and has been helping neighbours with their shopping.


Mrs Bexon has been busy, creating resources for computing, helping her children, Harry and Amelia, with their school work, been in to school to get her laptop fixed and despite the rain even managed to complete a couple of runs. Wow!


Mrs Ridgard has been on some walks and reading lots!


Miss Ford has been on walks too and she also has been reading lots!


Mrs Credland has been sewing a display for school, it looks amazing so far!  She has been reading a book a child in her class lent her and has challenged her class on TT Rock Stars.


Miss Allen has been making resources for children and has been busy practising brush lettering and making jewellery and reading lots!


Miss Paget has been in school again helping out with learning, the children and staff made a marvellous banner which is on the school fence.


Mrs Cross has nearly managed to crochet! It took lots of practise but it was worth it in the end! She has been reading lots and helping Mr Cross in the garden. Mr Cross has learnt a new skill too. He has a lathe which is a machine where a piece of wood is held and turned while being shaped by a special tool called a chisel. When he has mastered wood turning, I will put up a photograph of what he has made.



Until next week, please keep safe and look after yourself and your families. We miss you all.


Mrs Cross and the KS2 team