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Weekly Newsletter for Year 3 and 4 11.05.2020

Monday 11th May 2020

Hello LKS2 parents and carers,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Did any of you see the celebrations for V.E. Day? Look at our celebrations! We all kept 2 metres apart!

We have loved talking to you and receiving your emails and texts. Please keep sending them, it’s good to see and hear what you have been doing.

Thank you for coming into school and collecting the home school learning packs. This week there is a sheet explaining how you can access these newsletters.

If you have access to the internet this is a good website to use for quizzes and games.


Key stage 2 team update


I have learnt to crochet properly and I am very impressed with myself. I will persevere and hopefully will be able to make a blanket. I spoke to Nusaybah in class 11 and she wanted to know if I had planted any strawberries- look at the slide show! They are growing really well.


Mrs Baker has been preparing work for children to do at home and helped her neighbour with her garden. She also made lots of cakes for her street party on V.E. day, they look delicious.


Mrs Ridgard has been baking and has got back into crocheting.


Mrs Bexon has been into school to tidy the classroom. She has been helping her children, Harry and Amelia, with their home learning, playing in the garden and making bunting for V.E. Day. She celebrated V.E. Day on Friday by having a street party at a safe distance and had a family quiz on Saturday evening.


Miss Paget has been into school too, she dropped off some work packages for two families and has been gardening.


Miss Allen continues to be creative making resources for school.


Miss Ford and Mrs Credland have been in school doing some lovely creative work with the children. School is looking fantastic. They celebrated V.E. Day by having a party at school with the children.


Miss Worrall made a box play house with Reina and Lottie made their cat a new toy.


Mrs Dundon-Innis is enjoying being with baby Paul, who is growing fast!


Mrs Iqbal has been baking some slightly burnt brownies! She has been doing lots of spring cleaning, has been into school and has been gardening.



We all have a message for you all, please look at the slideshow.

Until next week, please keep safe and look after yourself and your families. We miss you all.


Mrs Cross and the KS2 team