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Weekly Newsletter for Year 3 and 4 15.06.2020

YEAR 3 AND YEAR 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Monday 15th June 2020

Hello LKS2 parents and carers,

It has been lovely talking to you and your children this week. All the teachers have loved speaking to you and finding out how you all are.

2020, has been a year where things have been cancelled or postponed because of COVID-19. So many people have caught this deadly virus and unfortunately too many have died. This is something we have never experienced before and hopefully never will again.

But in all this negativity, I try to look for the positives. Despite being in lock-down and not even being able to go shopping; I have had more contact with my family via WhatsApp video than I ever did before. I have learnt new skills and spent lots of time reading books I always intended to read. Our house is tidy and clean and we have freshly baked cakes at least once a week. Both Mr Cross and I have spent quality time together doing things we enjoy. So when you think it’s all too much- look for the positives however small.



Key stage 2 team update


The teachers have been busy this past week, completing online learning and creating resources for the home learning packs.


I have been completing lots of school work preparing for when we go back to school. My daughter, Nova, and her partner, Daniel, came round to visit with my grandsons, Jacob and Harry. We all sat in the garden, enjoying the sun when Miss Paget came to bring me some things from my classroom! It’s a good job we have a big garden so we could social distance! It was so lovely to see them all.


Mrs Baker has been completing lots of school work, she went for a social distance walk with her eldest daughter, planted vegetables in her garden and with a neighbour weeded the street where she lives. What a wonderful thing to do for her local community.


Mrs Ridgard has been to visit her in-laws in their garden and has been baking.


Mrs Bexon has been completing lots of school work, helping Harry and Amelia with their school work, has been on walks around Elvaston Castle, where Harry and Amelia climbed trees and they all ate ice-creams. Harry found a toad in the garden so they put it in a stream near their house.


Miss Paget has been in school working with Mrs Credland in ‘their bubble,’ visited me and she had a social distance cup of tea with Mrs Wynn in her garden.


Miss Allen has been busy with school work, been doing lots of gardening and has had lots of film nights.


Miss Ford has been completing lots of school work, been working in the garden and has been on lots of walks. She is reading a children’s book called Miss Peregrine Peculiar Children and says it is a great read. On Sunday, she celebrated social distance coffee and cake with her mum, who was 85 years old.


Mrs Credland has been in school with Miss Paget in ‘their bubble’ and on Saturday sat in the garden and celebrated her sister-in-law’s birthday at a social distance.


Mrs Dundon-Innis has been sorting and organising her office/music room, her books and all of the house. She says, she didn’t realise how much stuff babies had despite being so small! She also helped Mr Dundon-Innis record some music and her whole family have taken part in recording children’s books for a literature festival.


Mrs Iqbal has been completing lots of school work, baking with her daughter and she also made an amazing volcano-see the picture in the slide show.


Miss Worrall has been completing lots of school work, rescued a baby bird from her cat and took it to the vets, been on bike rides, helped Lottie with her learning (although Lottie didn’t really want to do it) and has been renovating her house. While renovating she found the original floor in the kitchen, which looks great. She is now in the process of cleaning it up.


Until next week, keep looking after yourselves and please contact us if you need anything. We do all miss seeing you and can’t wait until we can be back in school.


Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful. Steve Wentworth.



Mrs Cross and the KS2 team