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Weekly Newsletter for Year 3 and 4 20.04.2020

Monday 20th April 2020

Hello LKS2 parents and carers,

Key stage 2 team update

We hope you are all well and coping, especially as we now have to stay at home for a further 3 weeks. It is difficult for us all but we have to do it. Try and have some down time and do some fun things if you can.

We would like to wish Captain Tom Moore a happy 100th birthday and congratulate him on raising over £26,000,000 for NHS Charities! What a remarkable man!

 All the staff in our team have been busy completing school work and being creative.

Miss Allen has completed a sign language course and has a certificate to prove it!

Mrs Credland has had difficulties accessing the school internet at home so she has been busy gardening, painting and completing lots of on-line learning.

Mrs Bexon has been very busy! She has completed on-line learning, decorated, she has been on family bike rides and walks. Her son had his birthday and all her neighbours helped him celebrate from a safe distance. She celebrated Easter with her family by having an Easter egg hunt!  

Miss Paget has been doing lots of cleaning jobs, things she has been putting off. She cleaned all the windows, washed curtains, cleaned the oven and did some gardening! She even found time to go her daily walks around Arboretum Park.


Mrs Baker has been doing some online training too. She put up a new fence, did lots of gardening, read a book for her Book Club and made an Easter tree. On her daily walks she has been admiring the blossom on the trees.  

Mrs Dundon-Innis has been enjoying walks in the local woods and spending time with her gorgeous baby son.

Mrs Iqbal has been painting in the garden with her daughters, done lots of face painting, had pampering sessions with her daughter and has been baking in the garden.


Miss Worrall has completed an on-line training course and has finished the first unit. She has enjoyed walks by the local canal with her family, read lots of stories and has painted the fence in her garden.

I have been busy too! I have also completed some on-line learning, been busy in the garden, knitted hearts to send to the hospitals, read  books, cleaned the house and made some little pocket hugs for my children and grandchildren.

 Miss Ford has also been completing on-line training and has been enjoying the weather by relaxing in the sun. She has also used the time to read lots of books and has done the shopping for her mum who cannot leave the house.

Finally, Mrs Ridgard has also been completing on-line training and reading lots of books.

Here are some ideas of things you can do at home.

Help your child to tell the time using a digital and an analogue clock.


Change4Life and Disney have teamed up to produce 10-minute active Shake Up games they are inspired by Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, The Lion King and Frozen.


Classroom Secrets have created home learning packs.


Each pack contains all you’ll need to ensure your children continues to learn during the school closures.

Each year group pack includes:

  • Weekly Home Learning Resources
  • Weekly Guidance and Answers
  • Practical Ideas Kit
  • Letter to Parents

If your child is struggling with their year group you can always look at the year below or the year above if they need a challenge.


Earn Blue Peter Badges

There are so many different Blue Peter badges, this page shows how you could get your hands on one! Can you collect them all?


Last week we suggested you could encourage your child to create a scrap book. Miss Allen found a really good resource for creating a time capsule. There are lots of ideas such as writing a letter to your future self, choosing what objects to put in a time capsule, an activity booklet and a home learning diary. Look on the school website under:

Home>Parents>CORONAVIRUS WORK FOR CHILDREN>Years 3 and 4>Activities for Home learning

Remember if you need any help at all, please contact school and they will forward your messages to us so we can support you in whatever way we can.


Please keep safe and look after yourselves and your families.


Mrs Cross and the KS2 team