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The Headteacher, governors and staff extend a warm welcome to all children attending Arboretum Primary School and hope that their time here will be happy and successful.


We believe that children learn better when they are excited and engaged and this way they learn to love learning.


Our school is proud of its good teaching and we offer children a superb range of creative opportunities. Whilst it is vitally important for children to be both numerate and literate, they will also need to be flexible, and able to work confidently with changing technology. Children will require excellent communication skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Our key educational aim is to encourage each child to work to his or her potential. If children are to progress in tomorrow’s world they will need to be independent from an early age. It is vital that all children develop the skills and strategies of how to actively learn rather than the habit of passively being taught; starting with our youngest children.


Our staff are determined to get the right balance between traditional values with the demands of a rapidly changing world.  At Arboretum, we are passionate and determined to offer your child a high quality education and to ensure that they reach their full potential.


In addition to welcoming your child, we also welcome you with an invitation to become involved in the life of the school.  Your support and co-operation is vital in creating and maintaining a stable learning environment and in ensuring that your child fulfils his/her potential in all the varied areas of school life.  With your support and the encouragement you can give your child, we can build a strong partnership which will enhance your child’s education at Arboretum.


This prospectus is designed to give you information about the school.  However, you may have questions not answered here. Staff are available to parents/carers at a mutually convenient time, if they have issues they wish to discuss. Your first point of contact should be your child's teacher or Mrs Nisha, who can be contacted by phoning the school office.


I trust that your child will quickly settle into life at Arboretum and that in partnership with you, Arboretum Primary School will give your child the very best possible start to the world of education and help them to ‘Reach for the Stars’.


Yours sincerely

Paul Scott