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Arboretum Primary School

Corden Street


DE23 8GP



01332 291140



01332 363478


Type of School

LA Community School


Age Range



Chair of Governors

Mrs Olivia Dean



Mr Paul Scott


Deputy Headteacher

Mr Nigel Daintith


School Business Manager

Miss Clare Fryer


Site Manager

Mr Peter Feely


LA Office

The Council House,

Corporation St,








Mr P Scott

Deputy Headteacher

Mr N Daintith

Assistant Headteacher

Ms C Hardy

Teaching Staff

Mrs P Ablewhite, Ms T Allen, Mrs R Allsopp,

Mrs S Ashford, Mrs F Aziz, Mrs C Baker, Miss A Beecham;

Mrs J Bexon, Miss S Booth, Miss S Chambers,

Mrs R Darling, Mrs S Dundon-Innis, Mrs S Ferguson,

Miss F Gilder, Mr J Glyn-Davies, Miss S Hussain,

Mrs L Iqbal, Miss A Jones, Mrs N Linnecor,

Miss V MacDonald, Mrs J Naylor, Miss C Noon,

Miss R Parveen, Mrs N Quenby, Mrs A Roberts,

Miss J Thornton, Mrs C Worrall, Mrs E Wright

Learning Mentors

Mrs R Nisha, Miss B Johnson

Extended Services Co-ordinator

Sports Coach

Mr Z Malooq

Mr R Pemberton

Family Liaison Officers

Mrs Z. Pearson, Ms J Sykorova

Teaching Assistants:

Miss A Ahmed, Miss C Allen, Miss C Carter,

Miss E Dolbinska, Miss R Dube, Mrs C Emerson,

Ms Y Ford, Mrs K Gallimore, Mrs G Gill, Miss J Greene, Mrs S Humphrey, Mrs A Hussain, Mrs R Jalil, Mrs K Kay, Mrs I Malooq, Miss M McIntosh, Mrs E Messer,

Miss D Neal, Miss Y Paget, Mrs H Ridgard, Ms H Rutland,

Mrs S Stanton, Miss M Stocks

Nursery Manager (2 Year Olds)

Childcare Workers

Mrs J Milligan

Miss O Grattidge, Miss B Santamaria-Hernandez,

Mrs S Shaw, Miss L Stokes

School Business Manager

Miss C Fryer

Office Manager

School Administrators

Mrs B Malhi-Kainth

Mrs C Bilbie, Mrs M Johal, Mrs N Kausar,

Mrs C Patterson, Ms T Zia

Welfare Assistant

Mrs D. Muldoon

Senior Midday Supervisor

Midday Supervisors

Miss Y Paget

Mrs R Ahmed, Mrs N Akhtar, Mrs R Altaf, Mrs S Ali,

Mrs T Ali, Mrs S Arain, Mrs M Asghar, Mrs N Begum,

Miss M Chandarana, Mrs S Dar, Mrs G Hussain,

Mrs H Hussain, Mrs R Iqbal, Mrs S Iqbal, Mrs S Kamran, Mrs R Makengo, Mrs B Shetk, Mrs E Stewart

Catering Manager

School Cook

School Chef Mrs. S. WongCatering Assistants

Mrs N Saunders

Mrs M Kelly

Mrs S Wong

Mrs G Dhaliwal, Mrs A Karasin, Mrs N Diaw,

Miss M Meynell

Site Manager

School Site Supervisor

Key holder/cleaner


Mr P Feely

Mr G Bywater

Mr P Fellows

Mrs N Darar, Mrs G Dhaliwal, Mrs P Kaur,

Miss A Shaheen, Mrs A Karasin, Ms E Siwale

School Governors

Mrs S Akhtar, Mrs P Ali, Mr R Benfield, Mrs O Dean,

Mr T Flannery, Mr K Hussain, Mrs Uzma Lal, Mr C Wynn, Mrs L Wynn

Clerk to Governors

Mrs C Patterson






Team Player








Strategic Vision


Our school is:


  1. a safe, supportive, stimulating learning environment;


  2. a team of respectful, tolerant, open minded citizens;


  3. a community where everyone aspires to be the very best they can be;


  4. a community of resilient, lifelong learners;


  5. a centre of excellence where all achieve success


Welcome to



The Headteacher, governors and staff extend a warm welcome to all children attending Arboretum Primary School and hope that their time here will be happy and successful.


We believe that children learn better when they are excited and engaged and this way they learn to love learning.


Our school is proud of its good teaching and we offer children a superb range of creative opportunities. Whilst it is vitally important for children to be both numerate and literate, they will also need to be flexible, and able to work confidently with changing technology. Children will require excellent communication skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Our key educational aim is to encourage each child to work to his or her potential. If children are to progress in tomorrow’s world they will need to be independent from an early age. It is vital that all children develop the skills and strategies of how to actively learn rather than the habit of passively being taught; starting with our youngest children.


Our staff are determined to get the right balance between traditional British values and the demands of a rapidly changing world. At Arboretum, we are passionate and determined to offer your child a high quality education and to ensure that they reach their full potential.


In addition to welcoming your child, we also welcome you with an invitation to become involved in the life of the school. Your support and co-operation is vital in creating and maintaining a stable learning environment and in ensuring that your child fulfils his/her potential in all the varied areas of school life. With your support and the encouragement you can give your child, we can build a strong partnership which will enhance your child’s education at Arboretum.


This prospectus is designed to give you information about the school. However, you may have questions not answered here. Staff are available to parents/carers at a mutually convenient time, if they have issues they wish to discuss. Your first point of contact should be your child's teacher or Mrs Nisha, who can be contacted by phoning the school office.


I trust that your child will quickly settle into life at Arboretum and that in partnership with you, Arboretum Primary School will give your child the very best possible start to the world of education and help them to ‘Reach for the Stars’.


Paul Scott - Headteacher



The Normanton area of Derby is a lively, culturally diverse community of which we are proud to be a part.


Arboretum Primary School is a community primary school for children from 3-11 years, plus a unit for two year olds. The school was opened in 1987 and, after a major refurbishment project and two extensions, is divided into four main teaching areas with classrooms and smaller group rooms: Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4, and Years 5 & 6.


Ofsted judged Arboretum as a good school in November 2017 and we are a Model School for Read, Write, Inc. We have the Basic Skills Quality Mark for the fourth time and ArtsMark.


The school is set in extensive grounds with playing fields, playgrounds and a hard court sports area.


There is an administration block, library and two halls which are used for PE, assemblies, clubs and dinners.




Two Year Olds Nursery

We have a 32 place unit positioned near the front entrance. We can take up to sixteen children for either the morning or afternoon sessions who meet the Government’s criteria for funding. There is a waiting list and places are allocated according to the Admissions Policy.


Please note that a place in the unit does not guarantee a place in the main school, although we aim to provide a place in our Three Year Old Nursery within a term. An application will need to be made to join both nursery and the main school.


Three Year Olds Nursery

We have a 78 place nursery set within the Early Years area of school. We can take up to 39 children for either the morning or afternoon sessions. There is a waiting list and places are allocated according to the Admissions Policy. Children’s names can be placed on the waiting list at any time.


Please note that a place in the nursery does not guarantee a place in the main school. An application will need to be made to Derby City Council to join the main school.






The school has a normal catchment area; if you live within this area the Local Authority will generally be able to offer you a place for your child. All applications to join our school need to be made through the Local Authority based at the Council House, Corporation Street, Derby. The total number of children we expect to have in school is 635 and the planned admission is 75 in all years.




Two and Three year old Nursery

Morning session 8.30am to 11.30am

Afternoon session 12.30pm to 3.30pm



Reception to Year 6

Morning session 8.55am to 12.10pm

Afternoon session 1.10pm to 3.15pm



Please ensure that your child arrives at school time. In the Early Years Units we ask that you take the time to settle your child into school and remain with them for a few minutes.


Children in the rest of the school can come into school from 8.45 am onwards and can be collected from the classrooms at 3.15pm. Please do not send your child to school too early. They should not be on the school premises until 8.45am unless they are attending Breakfast Club which takes place every morning at 8.00am.


Children who go home for lunch should not return to school until 1.05pm.


All children below Year 6 must be collected from the school by a responsible adult (over 16 years). Year 6 children may walk home from school unaccompanied, but if they stay for an after school club they must by collected by an adult. Children must be collected from school promptly at the end of the day. If they are not collected on time, we may charge for childcare, or report it to the police or social services.




The Local Authority requires that the Headteacher reports any obvious or suspected cases of child abuse to Social Services. This procedure is intended to protect children at risk. The Headteacher may have to make a decision which upsets some parents. When suspected incidents or injuries prove unfounded, we hope that all parents will recognise that the Headteacher will always be acting in what was believed to be the child’s best interest.




It is very important that all children attend school regularly


All absences must be accounted for. Please let your child’s teacher know why they are absent by telephoning school or sending a note. Under new Department for Education guidelines, extended absences are unauthorised but you must complete a leave of absence form in order that we are aware your child is safe. Please note that your child’s name may be removed from the school register or you may be fined for taking your child out of school during term time.


If your child has a medical appointment which cannot be re-arranged for after school, we need to see medical appointment cards or letters before the appointment date so your child can have an authorised absence.


National research evidence shows that absence from school has a significant negative effect on attainment. In later years, of pupils who miss between 10% and 20% of school, only 39% achieve at least 5 A* to C GCSEs including English and Maths. This compares to 73% of pupils who miss less than 5% of school.


During the year 2017/18 absences from school were:-


For Y1 to Y6 Sept - July:


Authorised absence: 2.6%

Unauthorised absence: 1.9%



If your child has had vomiting or diarrhoea, they will normally need be kept at home for 24 hours.


When children become ill during the day or suffer as a result of an injury in school we will do our best to contact a parent/carer. Emergency cases will be taken to hospital immediately.


PLEASE inform us if any details/telephone numbers change.


We keep details of our children’s addresses and contact numbers in school for emergency use.




Children should not bring any medicines into school. Any prescription medicines should be given at home when possible and local doctors prescribe to make this possible.


In exceptional circumstances, if medication needs to be given at school then it must be taken to the office, where a form must be filled in.


If your child has a particular medical condition, please inform the school. Inhalers must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and given to a teacher to keep in the class area: a form needs to be filled in at the office.


Medicals for children are sometimes held in school by School Health; the school nurse also visits regularly. You will always be told when medicals are to take place and be invited to be present. If you would like to see the school nurse, please ask in school, we may be able to arrange an appointment.




We welcome parents and carers to visit our school. It is good for the children to know that we are working together and that you are interested in the school.


There will be opportunities during the school year to join us for special events, assemblies, productions, sporting events, open evenings, and fund raising events. We also offer opportunities for parents to join in social events and information sessions.


Parents are welcome to work in school in the classrooms or on trips or projects which will help the school and the children. Regular volunteers will need to undergo safeguarding checks including a DBS check.


We will always contact parents and carers immediately if we are concerned about any aspect of their child’s welfare, progress or behaviour and we hope that parents will let us know of any problems or worries their child has which might affect them in school.


Staff will always try to be available to see parents immediately, but it may be necessary to arrange an appointment on some occasions. A member of senior staff is available to see parents on most days.


A Home School Agreement will be shared with all parents and children upon entry to the school. Parents are asked to sign the agreement.







Our dress code has been introduced to encourage children’s pride in their appearance and to increase their feeling of belonging to a caring school. Please note that we expect all our children to have natural coloured hair, without any shaved patterns. All children, including nursery, should come to school dressed in accordance with the code below:



  • Black Trousers
  • White Shirt (£5.95 available from the school office)
  • Black sweatshirt (£7.50 available from the school office)
  • Black shoes




  • White blouse/polo shirt (£5.95 available from the school office)
  • Black cardigan or sweatshirt (£8.50 available from the school office)
  • Black skirt or trousers or shalwar kameez
  • Green/white checked dress
  • Black Shoes
  • If scarves are worn, then we would like them to be black or white. The niqab is not part of Arboretum’s dress code.


Year 6 children wear green sweatshirts.


Shoes - these should be of a traditional nature with heels no greater than 2cm. For health and safety reasons flip flops, sandals, backless shoes and heels higher than 2cm are not allowed.


Jewellery - the wearing of jewellery (unless of special religious significance) is not allowed, with the exception of a single pair of small sleeper or stud earrings, and a watch. Earrings must be removed for PE, so it is recommended that if you wish to have your child’s ears pierced it is done at the beginning of the six week holiday to allow time for them to heal.


We may telephone parents of children wearing unsuitable clothing to ask for appropriate clothes to be brought to school for children to wear.


Please note: denim and trainers are not to be worn.


All children need to bring a coat to school when the weather is cold for playtimes and outdoor activities.


Please make sure that all clothes are labelled. Book bags are available at £4.40




All personal belongings should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.


Parents should note that the school cannot accept liability for the loss of or damages to personal property. Please do not allow your children to bring expensive or sentimental items into school.




All children take part in PE lessons and they must have a suitable change of clothing in school. PE kit should be kept in school and taken home to be washed at the end of each half term. Earrings/studs should not be worn on PE days. Long hair should be tied back.


All PE kit should be kept in a separate bag and named.


No jewellery should be worn for any type of P.E.


Indoor PE lessons

White T-shirt and black shorts.

Girls who, for religious reasons, need to cover their legs and arms should wear long sleeved white T-shirts and black leggings (not tracksuits).


Outdoor PE lessons

As indoor but including a tracksuit/jogging suit for cold weather, a pair of trainers or black PE pumps.



All children will be taken swimming for two terms while they are in Year 3 and Year 4. They will need a swimming costume, goggles and a towel. All children should wear a swimming hat.


Art and Craft

An old apron/old shirt should be brought for these lessons.





SUNHATS - It is recommended that all children wear a suitable protective sunhat in the summer. We also encourage you to apply sun cream to children before they come to school on sunny, summer days.






  1. are cooked in the school kitchen and eaten in the school hall. There is a choice of meals to suit all diets, including Halal meat and vegetarian options. The cost of a school meal is £1.80 per day or £9.00 per week. Payment for meals should be put in to a named envelope and paid at the start of each week. If you feel your child is entitled to a free school meal please ask at the school office.


Due to new legislation the school are required to provide allergen information on all food provided by the school. The school cannot be responsible for allergen information for food that has been prepared outside of the school and brought in for consumption by pupils or staff.


Packed lunches should be brought in by the children at 8.45 am. Sweets should not be brought into school unless they are to be handed to the teacher to be shared for a special occasion. All children are provided with free fruit.


Please note that we are a nut free school, which includes products that may contain traces of nuts.


Water bottles costing £1 can be purchased from the office.

Chilled water is available from water dispensers.





All children in the school have access to a broad and balanced, differentiated and relevant curriculum. We aim to observe the National Curriculum guidelines, including the use of daily Literacy and Mathematics. Alongside Literacy and Mathematics, we teach Science, Religious Education, History, Geography, Music, Art, Physical Education., Design and Technology, Personal, Social and Health Education and Computing. Our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children are also learning French. We believe in preparing our children for lifelong learning, therefore personal skills as well as academic skills are nurtured to encourage the development of confident children.


We aim to promote each child’s self-esteem and self-expression through a curriculum, which is active, productive and values the individual.


  1. curriculum is carefully planned by the teaching staff and taught through topics which link the subjects together in an interesting and focused way. All our children in Year 5 and 6 learn how to play the trumpet.


Children are assessed informally by their teachers using Assessment for Learning in each lesson and by observing children, listening to them and marking books; we use some standardised tests to help inform teacher assessment. We also assess pupils’ progress using the national guidelines.


If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints about our curriculum please speak to the Headteacher.





Religious Education at the school follows the agreed Derby syllabus, which is non-denominational and multi-faith in character.


Collective Worship is part of the ethos of our school. We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of faiths in Britain today and offer assemblies sympathetic to this.


We have been granted a dispensation to allow us to set aside the part of the Education Act which states that the majority of acts of worship should be “wholly or broadly of a Christian nature.”


Parents who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their child from religious activities are asked to make an appointment to see the Headteacher.





The 1993 Education Act requires Sex Education to be taught as part of the National Curriculum.


Relationship and Sex Education is not taught in isolation and is part of a programme of work in school on developing life skills. We are very sensitive to the community’s views on this and always teach sensitive areas of the subject such as body changes in single sex groups. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Relationship and Sex Education lessons. Parents who wish to discuss this with the Headteacher are welcome to make an appointment.





For children who are experiencing difficulties with their work or behaviour we offer extra support as required. We will work very closely with you to ensure any difficulties are overcome simply and quickly. We may wish to place your child on the special needs register to help us to meet your child’s needs. We will always talk to you first about this and what it will involve.





Arboretum Primary School recognises its responsibility as corporate parent and wishes to promote and support the education of our looked after children and young people; asking the questionWould this service be good enough for my child?’


Key principles of the policy on the Education of Looked After Children:


  1. A permanent commitment to meeting the educational needs of looked after children.


  2. Participation of young people in decisions about their education.


  3. A commitment to effective communication and to working in partnership across all agencies to support the education of looked after children, through the development and use of joint working practices and protocols for sharing information.


  4. A commitment to work in partnership with outside agencies including the Health Service, Social Services, other local authorities and educational establishments and the voluntary sector to improve educational outcomes.





Basic information about children is kept in school on computer. The school is registered with the Data Protection Agency and there are restrictions placed on the school in regard to who we can give information to.





Good behaviour is vital for a school to provide an atmosphere in which teaching and learning are successful. The school has a Behaviour Policy.


We take a positive attitude to discipline and try to keep rules to a minimum.


For good work or good behaviour your child will collect stickers or ‘dojo’ points and at times will receive a small certificate to take home. When their stickers’ card is full they will receive a certificate of merit in the Wow assembly.


The class teachers or adults on duty will deal with children who misbehave. Serious misbehaviour is recorded and dealt with by the Headteacher, Deputy or Assistant Head. Parents/Carers may be asked to visit the school to discuss any issues.




Breakfast club takes place every morning at 8.00am. All children are invited to Breakfast Club. Currently we ask for a 50p donation towards costs.





The Governors support the policy that within the resources available education should be free and to that end will use all available funds to the full.


However, there are occasions during the school year when children are taken to events, or places of interest, or when theatre groups and curriculum events visit school. We may ask for a contribution towards the cost. No child will be stopped from taking part in a curriculum activity through an inability to pay. However if the contributions collected do not cover the cost, the school may be forced to cancel the event.


Children who are eligible for Pupil Premium are not required to pay for day trips.





The school and its grounds are a valuable resource to the community and we hope that you will support us in encouraging your children to care for our building and its surroundings.


If you should see an incident involving vandalism, please report it to the police at once. You will be helping us to spend money on your child’s education and not the costs of vandalism.





School resources, both at school and those sent home for children to use, must be treated carefully. Parents will be expected to replace damaged items by paying the cost of a new replacement.


We provide a sturdy bag for each child in school to carry reading books home. However, we will not be able to replace any lost or damaged bags. Therefore, all children will be held responsible for their own bags, which must be paid for at £4.40 each if they need to be replaced.





Mr. Malooq and Mr Pemberton organise clubs and activities for the children after school and during the holidays throughout the school year. After school clubs may include: archery, football, athletics, hockey, rounders, cricket, basketball, multi-games, dance, fencing, dodgeball, circuit training, cycling, fencing and film club.


There are also family trips available during selected holidays.




APS is a positive, healthy, happy school. The dinners are delicious, especially on Thursdays. We are lucky that Miss Nora is such a fantastic cook. She even prepares food for special events like the Yr6 conference and parties. I love picnic days when we picnic with our parents on the field. Nazima


To start this off, I would like to talk about the fantastic education provided at APS. I recommend anyone to come to this primary school for the teachers here are dedicated and prepare the children for anything that awaits them in the future. My most memorable time at APS was when the Yr6s went on a camping trip to Condover Hall near Shrewsbury. This is my favourite memory for there were many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. If I could change something about APS I would change the quality of the pencils for I think they don’t sharpen properly. In the future I aim to be an author so that I can write a whole book dedicated to my Yr6 teacher, Mrs Wright. Parwa




My most memorable time at APS was when we all went outside for fresh air and I kept saying “I am a Policewomen”. I kept saying “Put your hands up” and we all kept on laughing so much. Lyba


There is so much great stuff in APS but the two most favourite of mine are the learning and the wonderful trips we go on. You can go to clubs after school till 4.25pm every day. The school is the best school you could ever go to. We have a huge field and courts to play on. The teachers are amazing and kind. Chloe




The good thing about APS is that the Yr6s get jobs which means that they get to know how it feels to have a job and you get responsibilities. Eesaa


I really enjoyed the apparatus equipment and also the types of trips that we’ve been on such as Go Ape and the Think Tank. Another thing I have enjoyed is the annual trip to Waterstones as we get to spend £7 which is provided by the school.



We have great fun. We have a huge field. We have a massive playground. We have amazing teachers. We have good PE teachers. Anees


In the future I would love to be a teacher because APS has told me in my heart that I can succeed and get a good job. Sophia



The school is great because it has great things to do like experiments. Aminah










What I like about this school is that they help you when you are stuck in your work and they push you to achieve what you want to be. Muhammed


Throughout my time in APS I never got left out. Even on my first day I came through the gate with a big smile on my face and so will you – everyone will love APS. I will never forget Arboretum, J. Natalie




Arboretum is a good school because we help each other and aim higher. And it is a friendly school where you can make lots of friends. Josef




Reach For The Stars


Don’t give in when you’re feeling weary

Lift your head

Wear a crown

Every step you’ll get a little closer

To where you’re aiming for…………….


Reach for the stars

Never stop believing

Reach for the stars

Let no one stop you dreaming

You’ll achieve your goal find what you’re looking for


Reach for the stars

Never stop believing

Reach for the stars

Let no one stop you dreaming

You’ll achieve your goal find what you’re looking for


Keep on walking

Keep on working

Keep on trying

You will shine like a star