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Our Code of Conduct

All serving governors are required to complete the following document.




The following is not a definitive statement of responsibilities but is concerned with the common understanding of broad principles by which the Governing Body and individual governors will operate.

The Governing Body accepts the following principles and procedures:



1. We have responsibility for determining, monitoring and keeping under review the broad policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates.

2. We recognise that our Head teacher is responsible for the implementation of policy and day-to-day management of the school and the implementation and operation of the curriculum.

3. We accept that all governors have equal status, and although appointed by different groups such as parents, staff, LA - our overriding concern will be the welfare of the school as a whole.

4. We have no legal authority to act individually, except when the Governing Body has given us delegated authority to do so.

5. We have a duty to act fairly and without prejudice, and in so far as we have responsibility for staff, we will fulfil all the legal expectations as, or on behalf of, the employer.

6. We will encourage open government and should be seen to be doing so.

7. We will consider carefully, how our decisions may affect other schools.



8. We acknowledge that accepting office as a governor involves the commitment of significant amounts of time and energy.

9. We will each involve ourselves actively in the work of the Governing Body, attend regularly and accept our fair share of responsibilities, including service on committees or working groups.

10. We will get to know the school well and respond to opportunities to involve ourselves in school activities.

11. We will consider seriously our individual and collective needs for training and development.



12. We will strive to work as a team

13. We will seek to develop effective working relationships with the head, staff and parents, the Children's Service Authority and other relevant agencies and the community.



14. We will encourage the open expression of views at meetings, but accept collective responsibility for all decisions made by the governing body or its delegated agents

15. We will only speak or act on behalf of the governing body when we have been specifically authorised to do so

16. In making or responding to criticism or complaints affecting the school we will follow the procedures established by the governing body

17. Our visits to school will be undertaken within the framework established by the governing body and agreed with the head teacher

18. In discharging our duties we will always be mindful of our responsibility to maintain and develop the ethos and reputation of our school.



Decisions reached at governing body meetings are normally made public through minutes and reports, however, governors should ensure confidentiality, when required, in respect of the discussions on which the decisions were based.

19. Individual governors should observe complete confidentiality in all matters discussed at governing body meetings especially in relation to matters concerning staff or pupils and also any other matters agreed by the governing body. Failure to comply can lead to disciplinary action.

20. Governors should exercise the highest degree of caution when involved in sensitive issues arising outside the governing body which may have an impact on the work of the governing body or the operation of the school.

21. On ceasing to be a governor individuals should ensure all information relating to the school is returned to either the school or governing bodies section for its effective disposal.

22. I understand that if a governor is found in breach of his or her duty of confidentiality to the school, staff or to the pupils, the governing body can decide to suspend a governor for up to a period of six months.



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