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Physical Education


At Arboretum, we aim to develop a love of sport and physical activity in all children and inspire them to become lifelong active people when they leave Year 6. We want all children to develop and improve the fundamental skills needed to access all physical activity such as: invasion games, gymnastics or dance. Children will understand the importance of healthy competition against either themselves (personal best) or other children, the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle and the role that physical activity plays in achieving this, how to swim, basic survival skills in water and life skills such as team work, independence and resilience.



In EYFS, PE is one of the Prime Areas of Learning and underpins the development of other skills such as reading, writing and attention. As such, it is given lots of focus and is encouraged using both the indoor and outdoor provision. The outdoor area has been developed for children to learn and practise specific skills including balancing, climbing, jumping, throwing and catching, kicking and moving in a range of ways. They also access a one hour discrete PE lesson each week which focuses on developing a particular skill using a varied range of equipment including parachutes, benches, balls, mats and climbing apparatus. Emphasis is put on creating fun and enjoyable sessions for the children which aim to inspire a love of sport and physical activity. Additional opportunities for short bursts of movement are built in throughout the day with the use of wake up shake up, just dance and dough disco. Parents are able to track their children’s development in PE through regular updates on Class Dojo and at Parent Meetings (termly). As well as being invited into school to support their children during Sports Day. In the EYFS, children are introduced to the word ‘healthy’ and what this means. Children are given opportunities during their PE lessons and appropriate activities within provision to observe and discuss the physical effects that being active has on their bodies. They are encouraged to talk about how they link to 'being healthy'. Adults plan focus activities during the academic year which enable the children to explore a range of foods and develop an understanding of which are healthy or unhealthy and the reasons why.


In Key Stage 1, children are taught two, one hour long PE sessions a week teaching a variety of invasion games, dance or gymnastics. Children build on the fundamental skills taught in EYFS and aim to master basic skill movements such as running, throwing, jumping and catching as well as beginning to develop balance, agility and coordination. Children are introduced to team games as well as individual sports. Basic tactics are introduced to the children as well as competitive sports whether that be competing against other children, teams or themselves. A healthy lifestyle is taught through Science in Year 2, building on prior knowledge from EYFS.


In KS2, children are also taught two, one-hour long PE session a week teaching a variety of invasion games, dance, gymnastics, Swimming (Year 4) or outdoor adventurous activities. Children will learn how to apply all skills taught throughout their school journey in isolation and combination. They develop an understanding of how to improve, evaluate themselves and others and recognise their own success. There is a bigger focus in both competition against themselves or other children for example in athletics and basketball. Children are also provided with swimming lessons throughout Year 4 to allow them to meet the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum. PE is adapted when necessary to ensure it is fully inclusive and all children are engaged. Throughout KS1 and KS2, class teachers follow the PE Progression of Skills Document. The aim of this is to see a clear progression of skills throughout their school journey. At the end of the year, there are separate, EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Sports Day where parents are invited in to support their children. As well as this, the school is part of the DDAT group which entitles us to regularly compete against other schools within the academy. Staff CPD is delivered by a specialist team of coaches led by a Head Coach with regards to the spending of Sports Premium. Arboretum is currently achieving Platinum status in Opal Play for providing a safe, stimulating and interactive outdoor play area throughout the school year regardless of weather conditions. We also provide after school and lunch clubs for all children, which are inclusive and available to all Arboretum children.



Children leave school having a love of sport and physical activity both in and out of school, with this continuing into later life. Children will have worked on their own aspirations in relation to PE and this will be carried on after leaving Key Stage 2, with children continuing to participate for enjoyment or competitively. All children should be able to discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how this is achieved as well as developed skills that underpin life such as teamwork, sportsmanship, self-motivation, resilience and independence.