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Charging and Remissions Policy


Residential Courses in school time.
Parents required to meet full cost except children eligible for pupil premium and LAC, where charges will be subsidised by school – with parents paying board and lodgings cost only.
Activities outside school hours not within the National Curriculum
Parents meet full cost, LAC and pupil premium children free of charge.
Ingredients/materials for practical subjects
Parents encouraged to provide/donate materials or cost, but no child must be disadvantaged because of parents’ inability/reluctance to pay. Where necessary, and for LAC and pupil premium children, school will pay.
Lost school equipment, books etc
Parents will be expected to replace or purchase items of lost property.
Breakages and damages to school buildings, furniture or property
Parents to be made aware that wilful damage to school buildings or property may be charged to parents by the school.
Arboretum Governors authorise an appropriate charge for breakages, loss or damage to cover the cost to replace the damaged item.
Off site visits in school hours
No compulsory charge may be made. A contribution that is genuinely voluntary may be asked for. Students whose parents are unwilling or unable to pay must not be discriminated against. Where there are not enough voluntary contributions to make the activity possible, and there is no way to make up the shortfall, then it must be cancelled. LAC and pupil premium children will be paid for by school.
Childcare for children collected late
Parents to be made aware that when they are late collecting their child on several occasions they will be billed £10 per child for each half hour, or part thereof in order to cover the extra hours that admin staff are working to look after the children..