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School Uniform Policy



Our school is:

a safe, supportive stimulating learning environment;

a team of respectful, tolerant, open minded citizens;

a community where everyone aspires to be the very best they can be;

a community of resilient lifelong learners;

a centre of excellence where all achieve success.




This policy sets out the expectations for school uniform at Arboretum, and how we ensure that it is inclusive and accessible for all pupils.


Review Date

December 2022

Reviewed By

Clare Fryer, Nigel Daintith, Charmian Hardy

Next Review

December 2025

Summary of changes


Updated in line with government guidance on affordable uniforms







1.      INTRODUCTION   - 2 -

2.      COST AND EQUALITY   - 2 -



5.      TWO YEAR OLD NURSERY   - 3 -

6.      NON-COMPLIANCE  - 4 -

7.      SCHOOL UNIFORM   - 4 -

7.1.       Clothing  - 4 -

7.2.       Jewellery  - 5 -

7.3.       Hairstyles  - 5 -

8.      ADVERSE WEATHER   - 5 -






At Arboretum Primary School we pride ourselves in being smart, well presented and ready for learning. It is our school policy that all children from Three Year Old Nursery upwards wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in school-organised events. 


The school has worked to develop a consistent, fair and inclusive uniform policy, and to implement a uniform that reflects the needs of all pupils, and is affordable and the best value for money for the school and pupils’ families.




The school is committed to meeting the DfE’s recommendations on costs and value for money. Every care is taken to ensure that our uniforms are affordable for all current and prospective pupils.


The school offers branded options for key items of uniform, but these are optional, and can be purchased from the school at cost price.  All items of uniform can be purchased from high street retailers or supermarkets to give parents choice of where to obtain items.


The school will not amend uniform requirements regularly and will take the views of parents and pupils into account when considering any changes to school uniforms.


The school takes its legal obligation to avoid discriminating against any protected characteristic unlawfully very seriously, and aims to ensure that the uniform policy is as inclusive as possible so that all pupils are supported to access a school uniform which is comfortable, suitable for their needs, and reflects who they are.


The school implements a gender-neutral uniform, meaning that pupils are not required to wear specific items based on their gender, and may wear any of the uniform items listed in the ‘School uniform’ section of this policy.


The school ensures that pupils who are required to follow certain dress requirements, e.g. for religious or cultural reasons, are afforded flexibility to allow them to wear a uniform that adheres to their requirements as far as possible. The school endeavours to meet all requests for amendments to the uniform for these purposes; however, will ensure that the needs and rights of individual pupils are weighed against any health and safety concerns for the entire school community.


Parents’ concerns and requests regarding religious clothing are dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the Head Teacher and governing board, and always in accordance with the school’s Complaints Procedures Policy.


The school ensures that the needs of pupils with SEND and/or sensory difficulties are considered in the uniform policy, however, where the needs of these pupils cannot be met in the standard uniform policy, individual adaptations to the uniform will be considered and permitted wherever possible.




The school supports vulnerable families in meeting the costs of uniform by providing one item of branded uniform (a sweatshirt, cardigan or polo shirt) free of charge every year.  This is provided during the autumn term and is funded from Pupil Premium funds.


All reception children, and new starters to the school in higher years, are provided with a branded Arboretum Book Bag.


The school holds second-hand uniform for parents to access.  Second-hand uniform events are held at the end of each half term;( in between these times, parents can request items …..?)


Parents are invited to donate their child’s uniform when they no longer need it.




As part of our commitment to provide amazing play for all children, we allow children to access the school field throughout the year.  To allow this, we ask all children to bring in a pair of named wellies which will be stored on their class wellie rack. The school will keep a “wellie library” to ensure that any child who does not have a pair of wellies can be provided with a pair.  Parents are invited to donate any unwanted wellies that their child has outgrown, to enable us to keep the library stocked.


Children will also need suitable, waterproof outdoor coats to enable them to go out to play.




The children in our Two Year Old Nursery are not expected to wear school uniform, but they should be dressed in practical, comfortable clothes which allow them to participate in all the learning activities.  Outdoor learning is an important part of the provision, so they need to have outdoor clothing appropriate to the weather conditions.




If a child breaches the school uniform policy, they may be required to change into their PE kit, or parents may be called to bring in suitable clothing, as appropriate.



7.1  Clothing



Optional or required

Where to buy

Cost per item from school


Standard School Uniform

Black sweatshirt or black cardigan

(with or without Arboretum logo)


Branded sweatshirt and cardigan available from school office. Plain black sweatshirt or cardigan can be bought from regular retailers.

Sweatshirt £9.25

Cardigan £10.30


White polo shirt (with or without Arboretum logo) or plain white shirt / blouse


Branded polo shirt available from school office.  Plain white shirt, blouse or polo shirt and available from regular retailers.

Polo shirt  £6.75


Black trousers or skirt or black shalwar kameez


Available from regular retailers



Green and white checked dress


Available from regular retailers.



Sensible, plain black shoes


Available from regular retailers.



PE Kit

Plain white t-shirt

(long sleeved if arms need to be covered for religious reasons)


Available from regular retailers.



Plain black shorts (or plain black leggings or tracksuit bottoms if legs need to be covered for religious reasons)


Available from regular retailers.



Plain black tracksuit or sweatshirt and jogging bottoms (for outdoor PE )


Available from regular retailers.



Black PE pumps or plain trainers


Available from regular retailers.





School book bag


Issued to all children from reception up on starting.  Replacements available from school office.



Sun hat


Cap with logo and neck protection available from school office.  Other hats available from regular retailers.





If scarves are worn, then they should be black or white.  The niqab is not part of Arboretum’s dress code.


Shoes should be of a traditional nature with heels no greater than 2cm. For health and safety reasons flip flops, sandals, backless shoes and heels higher than 2cm are not allowed.  Plain black trainers are allowed.

Denim and trainers with colours and patterns are not to be worn.


​​​​​​​7.2  Jewellery

The wearing of jewellery (unless of special religious significance) is not allowed, with the exception of a single pair of stud earrings, and a watch.  Earrings must be removed for PE, so it is recommended that if you wish to have your child’s ears pierced it is done at the beginning of the six week holiday to allow time for them to heal.


​​​​​​​7.3  Hairstyles

We expect all our children to have natural coloured hair, without any shaved patterns. The school reserves the right to make a judgement on where pupils’ hairstyles are inappropriate for the school environment; however, will ensure that any such judgements do not discriminate against any pupil by virtue of their protected characteristics.

Pupils with long hair must ensure that this does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk. Long hair must be tied up during practical lessons, e.g. during PE



All pupils are required to wear weather-appropriate clothing that covers as much of their skin as possible during adverse weather.

For hot temperatures, this includes wearing:

•           Loose-fitting and lightweight shirts and dresses with sleeves and collars or covered necklines.

•           Over the knee skirts, shorts or trousers.

•           Sun hats

•           Sunglasses with UV protection when outside, where possible.

Pupils are advised not to wear any jumpers or blazers during heatwaves.

For cold temperatures, this includes wearing:

•           Scarfs, gloves, coats and hats when they are outside.

•           Warm jumpers that conform to the school’s uniform policy.

•           Trousers, or thick tights with skirts.




All pupils’ clothing and footwear must be clearly labelled with their name.

Any lost clothing is be taken to the lost property box outside the school office. All lost property is retained until the end of the half term